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CSGO Betting Guide

Betting on CS:GO matches is the most popular form of eSports betting. 

But according to the statistics, the majority of punters fail to return the initial stake. 

And just a few manage to earn some sort of profit.

Sounds familiar, right?

In this CS:GO betting guide, we’ll walk through the essential steps before placing that successful prediction. We’ll try to be as practical as possible by sharing our expert advice on CS:GO betting strategy in a way that anyone can understand. 

Plus, as a bonus, we’ll list the best online CS:GO betting sites to make your beginnings easier. Instead of looking for a place to start, you’ll have more time to think of the winning betting tactics. 

However, consider this as a first, and not the final step. Once you process this information, you’ll have to explore everything on your own and see what works best in your particular case. 

So let’s start. 

Which are the best CS:GO betting sites?

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Counter-Strike fans are grateful for the game’s worldwide success, as this leads to endless tournaments and competitions.

What’s more, most of the online betting operators are offering CS:GO matches in their eSports arsenal. You’ll see a dedicated CS:GO category and perhaps find matches you’re looking for. 

However, even though the game is widely present in general, not every bookmaker offers the same deals. 

The distinction comes when you look at lower-scale tournaments and championships other than Majors. Also, the widespreadness of various betting markets differs from bookie to bookie. 

To find the best CS:GO betting sites, we reviewed and tested these and many more crucial factors. 

As the number one priority, we looked for trustworthy and secure sites with at least decent odds. We also reviewed bonuses, payment options and the overall functionality of the site. 

Therefore, the list you’ve seen above consists of bookmakers worth checking out. In addition to the tips and tricks we shared here, your betting success should come naturally. 

How to successfully bet on CS:GO

Successful betting on games such as CS:GO requires a deep understanding of tournaments, cups, players, and other relevant factors. 

Yet, as always, there is a piece of advice that can boost the process. We’re going to share key takeaways from our years-long CS:GO betting experience that you can apply immediately. 

Focus on a specific region or team

Like with any other aspect of your life, focusing on one particular niche could improve your chances of succeeding. 

By following the same pattern in betting, you can increase your profit. 

  • How’s that?

Counter-Strike is widely spread across the globe. Hundreds, if not thousands of tournaments are organized annually. So even if you’re involved deeply in the game, you can’t cover the entire scene. 

The first step towards narrowing the selection is picking a specific region. That can be your local scene as you’ll be able to get as informed as possible. 

Another option is focusing on a specific team. For example, if you’ve seen each Team Vitality’s match, you’ll know if they are capable of beating Astralis during the next game. 

What’s more, you won’t only be able to predict their win/loss, but you could also take riskier bets with higher odds. 

Speaking of odds, let’s jump on the next tip.

Utilize the highest odds on different markets 

As you’re familiar with teams and in-depth strategies, it’s time to raise the stakes. 

Looking from the point of view of an average bettor, risking your money on complex markets is not such a wise option. Bookmakers are aware of this – thus, the majority of bookies’ profit comes from average users. 

An average user isn’t risking much, and usually, they don’t go far beyond head-to-head predictions. The chances of winning here are generally high, but every experienced bettor knows that these minimal odds are not worth it.

As we are here to provide you with the advanced strategy, let’s emphasize more complex markets. Perhaps you followed our advice and focused on a specific region or team, therefore you should be equipped with advanced knowledge. 

From there, why shouldn’t you predict the map-specific winner or the winner of a pistol round?

Let’s take Team Vitality once more as an example. Dust2 and Inferno are their most successful maps. Therefore, betting on a map-winner doesn’t come with that much of a risk. 

Don’t bet with your heart

We can’t stress enough how important this one is. Following and cheering your team is one thing; however, successful betting is something different. 

There must be a clear distinction between these two, or everything we said by far is meaningless.

In the worst case, as we know you’ll place a bet from the heart now and then, don’t combine it with other “real” predictions. 

Nobody is limiting you from making more than one ticket. Separate your bets into two categories – the winning one, and the one made with passion.

CS:GO gameplay explained

A profitable eSports betting without in-depth game knowledge is close to fiction. So in case you missed the essentials, let’s see what CS:GO has to offer. 

Beginnings of Counter-Strike

CS:GO is undoubtedly the most popular FPS shooter in the world ever made.

As a part of “the mighty three,” CS:GO shares the superstar eSports throne with Dota 2 and League of Legends. 

Since the genre of CS differs from the other two, it is spared from excessive rivalry. Its seat under the spotlight is secured. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw the first players back in 2012, yet the roots go far beyond in history. 

The story of the Counter-Strike begins at the end of the past millennium. Valve released the game as a modification for Half-Life, and after tremendous success, they turned CS into a standalone product. 

There have been several sequels between the original version and CS:GO, yet none of these had popularity similar to Global Offensive. 

Global Offensive’s bumpy road to success 

In the first year after the release, the future of CS:GO didn’t seem so bright. 

Valve partnered up with an American video game developer Hidden Path, with the goal to create a sequel of Counter-Strike. 

The primary goal was to make the game accessible for players on platforms other than PC. Expectedly, they released the game with PlayStation and Xbox in focus, yet the plan didn’t seem to be working. 

One year after the initial release and the majority of players couldn’t transition to the newcomer. And not to mention completely new players. 

The game developer needed to do something. Otherwise, the CS:GO would end up like all the other sequels except for the original version. 

As an inspiration for a groundbreaking change in the game, Valve took their other FPS hit, Team Fortress. 

As a surprise, none of the significant game components have seen a change. Even though there were many complaints about the game’s mechanics, engine and such, the core remained the same. The major change came as Valve added a possibility for players to earn in-game skins for weapons at the end of each game. 

Funny enough, those skins are just cosmetic updates, and they won’t give you any real in-game advantage. Except for the improved looks, we agree that skins can’t help you aim more accurately or defuse a bomb faster. 

Lucky enough, that slight addition led to more interest and players started to massively switch to the CS:GO, including transitioning from other FPS games. 

This also opened another dimension for punters, as CS:GO skin betting became a big thing. People who were hesitating to bet real money now found an opportunity to test their luck without too much risk.

Basic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay

CS:GO is a multiplayer FPS game where teams are playing as Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist forces. 

The main game modes include planting a bomb or rescuing hostages. While playing on the Terrorist side, your main objective is to plant a bomb or prevent the CT team from rescuing the hostages. 

As a Counter-Strike, the goal is to defuse a bomb, while on the other mode, you should rescue hostages, taking them to a safe area. 

In the competitive waters of CS:GO, only the maps with bombs are active. This is due to a disbalance, as terrorists have a significant advantage in the hostage mode.

Speaking of professional CS:GO tournaments, the match format features five players and 30 total rounds. The half-time is after 15 rounds, where teams swap sides. If one team was a Terrorist, they start as Counter-Terrorist from the 16th round, and vice versa. 

The first round in each of the halves is a pistol round. Logically, teams here don’t have enough money to buy any weapon other than pistols. 

Also, unlike the casual mode, in competitive play, teams consist of 5 players. The total round time is 1 minute and 55 seconds, and once the terrorists plant a bomb, the timer ticks for 40 seconds, or until a CT defuses it. 

CS:GO tournaments in the world of eSports

The professional Global Offensive scene crowns the best teams on the greatest tournament of all. That is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship, or short Majors. 

Majors are the tournaments with the most fabulous prize pools and high-end players from each part of the world

Speaking of the skins mentioned above, weapon drops, and in-game cosmetics, they didn’t only raise CS:GO from ashes, but this market is also responsible for funding the prize pools. 

Even though from 2018, Valve turned CS:GO into a completely free-to-play game, they still earn enough money to support the entire competitive scene in their eSports domain. 

Besides the Majors, when it comes to CS:GO betting, we have some other tournaments in our minds. 

As most recreational punters focus only on the major championship, the real opportunity for earning money lies in the smaller scale events and minor tournaments. 

Odds are significantly bigger compared to enormous events, and if you are an expert, predictions are equally easy to make. Also, you can support your local scene, not only by following the competitions but by placing a bet on favorite teams from your local league. 

To sum this part up, we suggest focusing on the local scene for the best odds and the highest potential profit. As the game is vastly developed in the field of eSports, you’ll have no problems in the process whatsoever. 


In August 2012, CS:GO managed to climb the ladders and establish a reputation as one of the best eSports games of all time. 

The success didn’t come by accident, as Valve had a solid foundation from the original Counter-Strike and CS 1.6. However, the significant portion of credits goes to them, as developers and creative individuals brought the game closer to today’s gaming scene. 

On this page, we introduced you to the world of CS:GO betting with essential tips and advice. 

The main information is on the top of the page, where we created the list of the best CS:GO betting websites. 

As a logical consequence, after pointing out where to bet, we showed you how to bet on CS:GO. It’s the truth that you need some luck, yet more of it lies in the proper technique.

So instead of wishing you good fortune, we hope that you’ll find the right technique for winning on purpose and not by accident!
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