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Full Name: Marcelo Augusto David
Nick: Coldzera
Also known as: Cold, The Brazilian Terminator
Game(s): Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Current Team: FaZe Clan
Ex Team: MIBR, SK Gaming, Luminosity Gaming, Dexterity Team
Date of Birth: October 31, 1994
Height: 5ft4 (167cm)
Weight: N/A
Place of Birth: São Paulo, Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian
Relationship Status/Partners: Gabriela Freindorfer, girlfriend

Who is Coldzera?

Much like movie fans and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the chances that eSports fans have not heard of Coldzera are non-existent. Like the Austrian bodybuilder and movie star, the Brazilian CS:GO gamer is globally famous. The quiet and unassuming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player is among the most significant gamers ever to touch a mouse and keyboard.

The Terminator’s real name is Marcelo Augusto David of São Paulo, Brazil. His CS superhuman, machine-like, deadly consistency has shocked and awed even the most experienced competitors. Arguably the hardest working man in eSports, Coldzera has built a reputation as the top-ranked CS gamer on the planet despite overcoming countless challenges. Here is how the South American ice-cold assassin made it to the top.

How did Coldzera get famous?

The Brazilian gamer started playing Counter-Strike from a young age thanks to his brother’s tutoring. Despite showing immense talent in the competitive circuit, the young Coldzera became obsessed with improving. He had to hide his love for gaming from his parents, who were against a professional gaming career and wanted David to take over the family business. 

However, the Godfather of Brazilian Counter-Strike (FalleN) stepped in and urged the gamer’s father to allow him to play. David’s father finally gave in, and the young rifler went to the United States to compete with the Brazilian team Luminosity. 

Coldzera joined Luminosity in July 2015 and immediately proved to be an impressive fragging asset. ESL One: Cologne 2015 was the fragger’s professional team debut, and the squad AWPed their way out of groups while exceeding expectations. 

However, the quarterfinals proved too big of a challenge for the squad, and Luminosity lost to tournament favorites Fnatic. The outcome came as no surprise due to the European team’s deadly reputation as a Counter-Strike powerhouse. Regardless, the following months after the event allowed the young gamer to settle into his new role. It wasn’t long before the talented Brazilian demonstrated FalleN’s faith in his skills.

Getting the winning recipe together

The next notable event in 2015 was the DreamHack Cluj-Napoca. After making it to the quarterfinals once again, Luminosity failed to muster up the strength and luck to move forward. Despite the less-than-stellar placement, the CS:GO community took note of Coldzera’s progress compared to his debut. 

Luminosity also learned a valuable lesson at Cluj-Napoca: they would need additional powerful fraggers capable of tipping the scales and taking on the pressure. David was astonishing, but he wasn’t enough. DreamHack Leipzig was next in line, and team management recruited FNX and TACO. 

The new team roles were as follows: the primary AWPer was FalleN; Coldzera became the primary fragger and secondary AWPer. Simultaneously, TACO, FNX, and fur provided additional fragging muscle. This roster quickly became the legendary Luminosity lineup that stormed through the tournament. But, the equally iconic Na’Vi veterans awaited Luminosity in the finals and capped the Brazilian team’s ambitions. 

Coldzera’s ice-cold game changer 

Despite the squad’s jaw-dropping performance, the Luminosity roster felt terrible for missing out on an opportunity to become champions. Yet, Coldzera was unstoppable throughout each game and set the bar high for the upcoming Columbus Major. 

Columbus quickly became known as the birthing ground of one of the most memorable moments in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive history. The event started with Luminosity decimating Ninjas in Pyjamas and Mousesports in the group stage. 

After making it to the bracket stage, all eyes were on Coldzera. The Brazilian prodigy had an impossible task: to shine his brightest against one of the most feared and notoriously unbeatable teams on the planet – the Russian 

After losing a map, the Brazilians woke up and took back two straight maps against an incomprehensibly flawless opponent. Luck and skill favored the Brazilians over the Russians, and Luminosity moved up to the semifinals to face Team Liquid. 

At first, Luminosity’s roster seemed overmatched compared to Liquid’s star-studded lineup and ambitions of becoming the first NA Major champions. However, as the greatest heroes often deliver when it matters most, Coldzera pulled a double headshot using the AWP – while leaping! 

The move left the crowd in disbelief and became the single greatest moment in CS:GO history. Even more incredible was the fact that the gamer performed such a bold play in the semifinals of a Major event, with his team’s back against the wall. Fueled by Coldzera’s stylish bravado in the face of a major threat, Luminosity pooled their skill and defeated Liquid to proceed to the finals.

Luminosity finally had the chance to settle the score with Na’Vi, and the Ukrainians proved nothing more than a small bite for the Brazilian predators. The finals win marked the first time a non-European team won a Major event.

The game was never the same

The victory was an enormous feat for the Brazilian gamers. However, the entire Counter-Strike scene changed overnight because the European CS gods were no longer untouchable at a Major level. Coldzera pocketed the tournament’s MVP title, to the great satisfaction of countless fans the gamer had won over.

It was clear that Luminosity was destined for greatness long before the Columbus tournament. However, the win engraved the team’s name into Counter-Strike history with golden letters and made them an admirable force and an even more dangerous opponent. 

The following months saw the team dominating the professional circuit and pocketing four consecutive LAN event wins. These wins included the ESL Pro League Season 3 Finals and DreamHack Austin.

Coldzera debut in SK Gaming

Things were going well for Luminosity right up to the ESL One: Cologne. However, out-of-game distractions plagued the team instead of the roster focusing on winning back-to-back majors. Both the coaching staff and players signed contracts to join SK Gaming just days before the Columbus Major.

Following their groundbreaking Columbus victory, the team found themselves in a deadlock between the two organizations. Each group claimed the roster, and the weeks before ESL One: Cologne featured one headline after another about how the Brazilians were in a contractual dispute. 

The Cologne event took place in the Lanxess Arena, where the Brazilian squad appeared as the new SK Gaming team. Once again, Coldzera and his fellow assassins made quick work of G2 Esports, FaZe Clan,, and Flipside Tactics to reach the final. 

The grand final match allowed spectators to witness outstanding displays of skills from both rosters, most notably Coldzera and S1mple. The game was also groundbreaking because it was the first time a Major title was the object of competition between two non-European teams. After beating Team Liquid in the final bout, the new SK Gaming was the squad to look out for in the upcoming events. 

Dealing with inconsistency

ESL One: Cologne was Coldzera’s unofficial coronation as the undisputed king of Counter-Strike. 2017 saw SK Gaming standing at the top of the food chain but still vulnerable to out-of-game conflicts. The management decided to remove FNX from the roster just before the 2017 Season. 

Rumors began circulating among fans that FNX said goodbye to the team due to internal conflicts. However, a more pressing issue for fans is that the team’s core, composed of FNX and Coldzera, was stripped of its crucial half. The duo built their reputation as top performers throughout previous tournaments, which would soon be tested.

Luckily, FNX’s slot didn’t stay empty for long. Fox stepped up to the challenge just days before the ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta, but once again, all eyes were on Coldzera. This time around, emerged victoriously despite David letting everyone know why he was the absolute number 1 CS assassin. 

Painfully aware of how much FNX meant to the team’s prowess, SK Gaming brought in Felps as a permanent replacement. In Krakow, the PGL Major was the perfect opportunity to take the new roster out for a spin, which proved a partial success. Although the squad dominated the group stage with 3-0 all around, Astralis was an insurmountable obstacle in the quarterfinals.

Navigating the changing Counter-Strike scene

Krakow quickly became a reminder of what can happen when a team doesn’t make the top-four appearance. For the first time since Columbus in 2016, Coldzera and his Brazilian squadron had plenty of reflection to focus on as 2017 was slowly coming to a close. 

This period was turbulent for the CS community, thanks to numerous changes in the scene. Super teams were quickly becoming a thing, and the recipe for winning consecutive Major titles seemed to require surrounding one’s starts with the best talent. Amid such changes, it became clear that SK Gaming would have a target on its back thanks to its reputation. 

The ESL Pro League Season Six Finals proved that the Brazilian roster could hold their own against the best and that Coldzera had no intention of stepping down as the apex predator.

The 2018 Season was generous to SK Gaming and provided the team with a chance to reclaim their CS:GO title. However, history chose not to repeat itself and instead favored Cloud9, which went on to become the first-ever American team to win a Major. The Brazilians became nothing more than a footnote in their rival’s historical precedent.

Coldzera: the ultimate Counter-Strike superhuman

Despite his team’s inconsistent results throughout various tournaments, David created an iron-clad reputation. One of the most feared, deadly, consistent, and unbeatable Counter-Strike players in the world, he is a legend of the game. In 2017, HLTV ranked the gamer as the world’s top player for the second consecutive year. 

eSports changes quickly and without indication, and navigating such an unstable industry often feels impossible. However, Coldzera is one of the few professional gamers that has always shown up and delivered. Marcelo “Coldzera” David is one of the most consistent and complete players ever in Counter-Strike. His motto? “Just keep ‘em coming.” 

Coldzera streaming

The Brasilian gamer also streams on Twitch and has more than 311,000 followers on this platform. Due to David’s prominence and global success in the world of eSports, the gamer’s Twitch account has often been the target of hackers and fake accounts.

Regardless, his Twitch streams are an excellent resource for aspiring gamers to improve their skills. As the world’s best Counter-Strike player, Coldzera is a prime source of strategy, gameplay, and various tips and tricks for those who are only entering the CS world.

Coldzera girlfriend

According to available information, the Brazilian CS assassin is dating fellow Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Gabriela Freindorfer. The female gamer is an active player for the female squad of FURIA. Freindorfer is 24 and also hails from Brazil, in addition to also streaming on Twitch

Aside from streaming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Freindorfer also streams Valorant and Call of Duty games. There is no information on how long she and Coldzera have been dating, but they seem happy together.

Coldzera personal info

David’s start in competitive gaming was somewhat rocky. During the early days of CS:GO, it was the gamer’s older brother, Rafael, who taught Coldzera how to play the game. However, despite his immense talent, David’s young age caused his skills to be unpolished at first. 

Such awkward play meant Marcelo’s friends would continuously tease him for being bad. The teasing only strengthened the young prodigy’s resolve to get better, and he started playing CS:GO obsessively. As a result of playing the game ceaselessly for days and nights, the gamer’s parents started worrying about his well being. 

Marcelo’s father started the family’s broom manufacturing business out of his garage. As the years went by, the company expanded, and the gamer’s father expected his sons to take over. However, the call of professional Counter-Strike was too enticing to resist. 

The situation caused a rift between David and his father. The gamer’s dad objected to his younger son’s intended career and forbade him from leaving the country to compete in the United States. However, after a phone call with FalleN, the Godfather of Brasilian Counter-Strike, Coldzera’s father came around. 

FalleN explained to the gamer’s father that his son’s chance was “one in a million.” David’s dad thought it over, and despite his initial reluctance, told his son, “As a father, I wouldn’t let you go, right? But, as a friend, I believe you must go after your dreams.” The rest is history.

Coldzera net worth & finances

Coldzera has been a professional Counter-Strike player since 2015. Throughout his career, the Brazilian gamer has amassed impressive earnings and is the 4th highest earner among Brazil players. He is also the 88th highest in overall revenues. 

When it comes to the largest cash prize the gamer won from a single tournament, the prize was $100,000.00 from ESL One: Cologne 2016 in July of that year. His yearly earnings breakdown is as follows:

2014 – $12.81

2015 – $25,610.94

2016 – $366,194.79

2017 – $311,554.88

2018 – $174,200.00

2019 – $93,008.04

2020 – $51,320.00

2021 – $800.00.


How old is Coldzera?

Coldzera was born on October 31, 1994. He is 26 and will turn 27 in October 2021.

Where does Coldzera live?

Coldzera was born in São Paulo, Brazil, but has changed residences along with the different teams he played under. His last known home was Belgrade, Serbia, but there is no information regarding where the gamer resides at the moment.

Coldzera Height

According to one of his tweets, the Brasilian gamer is 5ft4 (167cm) tall.

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