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Full Name: Nicolai Reedtz
Nick: dev1ce
Also known as: devve, sundev1ce, devveking
Game(s): Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike: Source
Current Team: Astralis
Ex Team: TSM, über G33KZ, Copenhagen Wolves, heroic
Date of Birth: September 8, 1995
Height: approx. 5ft9 (180cm)
Weight: approx. 154lbs (70kg)
Place of Birth: Vejle, Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Relationship Status/Partners: Emilia Hult, girlfriend

Who is dev1ce?

Dev1ce is a name the global eSports community knows well. This nick is the professional tag of Nicolai Reedtz, a Danish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player legendary for his immense talent. Reedtz currently plays for Astralis, one of the most prominent and successful CS:GO teams worldwide.

When it comes to the highly competitive Counter-Strike: GO scene, it’s difficult to imagine a story with more ups and downs than Astralis and dev1ce. The Danish pro gamer is legendary because of his in-game deadliness but is also an example of incredible hard work and dedication. 

Reedtz currently serves as an AWPer but does not shy away from picking up any other weapon. His pistol prowess is also legendary, which the gamer uses in close combat. Reedtz is one of the most inspiring young CS experts on the scene, so here’s everything you need to know about this young but already iconic gamer.

How did dev1ce get famous?

Dev1ce’s talent for both video games and sports was evident from a young age. According to the gamer, his first Counter-Strike experience was at after-school clubs when he was barely eight or nine years old. Despite his initial lack of interest in video games, Reedtz’s opponents wasted no time calling him a cheater shortly after taking up CS. 

The gamer also recalls opponents coming over to his computer and checking for cheat codes after losing to him. Around the same time, dev1ce also started showing immense talent in sports, most notably badminton. He was so good at badminton that one of Denmark’s top clubs tried to recruit the youngster into their ranks. But, the gamer was not interested.

As he continued growing up, Reedtz found himself dividing his time and focus between his two passions: Counter-Strike and badminton. His appetites for the sport caused him to pay less attention to CS in his teenage years. However, the Dane’s talent was too prominent to neglect, and the 15-year-old Reedtz joined the Copenhagen Wolves CS team in 2011.

Dev1ce’s first professional CS Team

Joining the Copenhagen Wolves was a tremendous opportunity for young Reedtz. But his passion for badminton was equally strong, so he continued to pursue both. The indecisiveness lasted two full years, during which the gamer suffered an injury to his knee. Simultaneously, the Wolves kicked the Dane off the team because of his inability to commit to the team full-time.

These events led the gamer to reconsider his allegiance and chose to opt for Counter-Strike full time. The Wolves took Reedtz back on the team in 2013, where the gamer met two essential teammates for his future career. These players were Andreas “zypix” Husleth and Peter “Dupree” Rasmussen. Merely weeks after rejoining the Wolves, dev1ce was competing against top European players. 

Reedtz’s second term with the Wolves was also turbulent and stirred up numerous issues for the gamer. Commitment issues resurfaced, and the following nine months saw the gamer exiting and re-entering the team’s roster twice due to failing to show up for practice. 

Dev1ce finally decided to get serious in time for the Wolves’ first Major at DreamHack Winter 2013. Reedtz joined the roster for the fourth and final time just as the squad was preparing for the biggest CS tournament at the time. The results were less than stellar: the Wolves finished 5th-8th but learned a crucial lesson. The squad had finally found the right chemistry necessary for conquering significant challenges.

Dev1ce’s team Dignitas years

Following the squad’s 2013 DreamHack Winter result, dev1ce and his teammates couldn’t negotiate renewed contracts with the Wolves. Faced with the new development, the players decided to create a new Uber Geeks banner (über G33KZ). 

It didn’t take long for the new banner to rise to prominence as one of Denmark’s strongest rosters. Uber Geeks’ reputation preceded them to the point that Team Dignitas signed the entire Uber Geeks roster just months before the 2014 season’s Katowice Major. 

During the competition, Reedtz and his teammates made it to the quarterfinals, beat the HellRaisers, and then battled Ninjas in Pyjamas in the semifinals. Dignitas lost as the turbulent and inconsistent performances started plaguing the squad once more. Regardless, HLTV put dev1ce on its top 20 players list, marking 2014 as the gamer’s breakout year. 

At the MLG Aspen Invitational, Reedtz put his skills into high gear and decimated most of his opponents. Despite finishing 3rd at the competition, the world’s perception of the Danes had changed forever. With dev1ce at the helm, the squad cemented their reputation as one of the world’s most dangerous CS teams. 

Dev1ce goes from Dignitas to TSM

By 2015, it was clear that Reedtz was an astonishing CS talent and one of the world’s top players. Team SoloMid capitalized on the Danes’ high placement in the previous year and offered the players a more lucrative contract. At the time, rumors stated that the TSM’s contracts were among the industry’s most enticing offers.

Just two months after signing with TSM, dev1ce and the rest of the Danes shined again at the 2015 Katowice Major. During the competition, it seemed as though the gamer could beat any opponent at their best and doing so stylishly. 

However, the squad just couldn’t get rid of their notorious inconsistency. The event started well for the gamer, but the team only got as far as the quarterfinals. This failure to win later helped the community brand the gamer as frequently choking in Majors contests. Dev1ce’s performances remained consistently astonishing despite the team’s shortcomings. 

Earning the recognition of fans & opponents alike

The Danish CS prodigy continued to improve his already stellar gaming skills in TSM. Despite being relatively quiet and reserved compared to other players, dev1ce helped the squad rack up impressive results. Examples include raking in four consecutive tournament wins and six first-places between Katowice and the subsequent Cologne Major. 

As a result, TSM quickly became famous as a top-tier team. Although he was already the most statistically impressive TSM player in Counter-Strike, Reedtz soon became the most consistently dominant competitor in all of CS. 

Dev1ce debut in Team Astralis & the semi-final curse

By late 2015, TSM continued to struggle with inconsistent results. The antagonism between the Danish roster and the team’s organization had reached its peak. The roster fell on hard times due to feeling dissatisfaction with TSM and other organizations they negotiated. 

The Danish squad cited their main criteria as putting the players’ interests above everything else. However, their requests fell on deaf ears, leaving the gamers with nowhere else to go. Dev1ce and the other Danes finally decided to leave TSM and developed a clear idea of how they wanted to run a team.

Following their TSM departure, the roster spent several weeks as an unassigned question mark. Finally, the gamers crafted another self-owned, self-made super team under the name Astralis. 

However, inconsistency was once again the problem. Early 2016 saw the super-team secure only top-four finishes before the first Major competition that year. Disappointingly, the squad finished third-fourth in Columbus after losing in the semifinals. This repetitive result later became known as the team’s “semi-final curse” in the eSports community

The era Of Astralis

By mid-2016, it became clear that the squad’s weakness and cause for inconsistency weren’t their skill but their mental toughness. In the wake of the squad’s recent disappointments, the team decided to make two crucial changes. 

The first change involved selling In-Game Leader Kerrigan to FaZe Clan and enlisting Gla1ve as a full-time replacement. The second, and vital change, was to face their weak mentality. The team attacked the problem by hiring a Finnish sports psychologist named Mia Stellberg. 

The work involved lifting team spirits, building mental toughness, and learning how to perform consistently well under pressure. Introducing professional help was just what the doctor ordered: the team’s performance exploded shortly after the changes. The results included top-four finishes across the following four top tournaments. The biggest reward was finally winning ECS Season 2 finals.

Most of 2017 was smooth sailing for dev1ce and Astralis. The gamer helped his team win the ELEAGUE Major 2017, and Astralis ranked as the 1st team in the world as a result. The team was equally successful throughout most of 2018, maintaining their ranking on 

The team won their fourth major title at StarLadder Major: Berlin 2019, and dev1ce won the tournament’s MVP title. Team Astralis is still in its golden years, and Reedtz continues to be one of the world’s best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. 

Dev1ce streaming

The Danish gamer regularly streams on his Twitch channel, and also has a channel on YouTube. Reedtz’s Twitch channel currently has just over 192,000 subscribers, and you can periodically catch exciting live streams there. 

Dev1ce has also been vocal about numerous scam streams running rampant on YouTube and Twitch. The relentless onslaught of fake streams and profiles caused the Danish and fellow gamer Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev to call out the live-streaming platforms for their weak stand in the situation.

Dev1ce’s girlfriend

Reedtz is currently dating Emilia Hult, a fellow Twitch streamer from Sweden. Emilia is 24 years old, but there is little information regarding the couple’s relationship. Both Emilia’s and Nicolai’s social media channels contain pictures of each other.

Additionally, the two are planning on creating a mutual YouTube channel for presenting content to fans. The couple has a steady relationship filled with support and understanding. Regardless, Nicolai and Emilia understandably keep their relationship somewhat private.

Dev1ce personal info

Reedtz started playing Counter-Strike at a young age and displayed enormous talent from the start. Dev1ce first got in touch with the game at after-school clubs and soon mastered the gameplay. His family was supportive, but the youngster also showed a badminton talent.

During his childhood and transition into his teenage years, the gamer divided his attention equally into Counter-Strike and badminton. However, when the latter started to interfere with his team obligations in his first professional CS team, Reedtz decided to quit badminton.

The gamer built a world-famous professional career in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and is one of the world’s best players. Dev1ce is dating 24-year-old Swedish Twitch streamer, Emilia Hult. The gamer also often showcases his dog Ace across his social media profiles. 

Dev1ce net worth & finances

The CS gamer is the 5th highest Danish earner among players and the 37th in highest overall earnings. Throughout his career, Reedtz has participated in 145 tournaments, and the largest cash prize he won to date is $200,000. He won this amount by winning the Intel Grand Slam Season 1 in December 2018.

His yearly earnings include:

2010 – $375.99

2011 – $97.54

2012 – $649.23

2013 – $4,806.41

2014 – $18,117.12

2015 – $99,825.93

2016 – $163,190.42

2017 – $261,933.33

2018 – $730,650.00

2019 – $427,700.00

2020 – $114,600.00

2021 – $33,333.33.


1. How old is dev1ce?

The Danish pro gamer was born on September 8, 1995, in Vejle, Denmark. Reedtz is 25 years old and will turn 26 in September 2021. 

2. Where does dev1ce live?

Dev1ce’s current place of residence is his family home in Denmark. The gamer has moved while playing for different professional teams but has returned home.

3. What’s Dev1ce’s height?

There is no precise information regarding the gamer’s physical measurements, but other players have described dev1ce as approximately 5 feet 9 inches (180 centimeters) tall and weighing around 154lbs (70kg).

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