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Full Name: Jarosław Jarząbkowski
Nick: PashaBiceps
Also known as: pasha, pasza, JJ, Papito, PaszaBiceps
Game(s): Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Current Team: Team Liquid Biceps
Ex Team: Team Liquid, AGO,, AGAiN, Universal Soldiers, ESC Gaming, Frag eXecutors, Team Pentagram, Betsson Voodoo Gaming, Vokal, MODECOM, polska eXtreme Gamblers, DELTA, EasyTeam, Team Wilda, infernal Connection
Date of Birth: April 11, 1988
Height: approx. 6ft (184cm)
Weight: approx. 220lbs (100kg)
Place of Birth: Nasielsk, Poland
Nationality: Polish
Relationship Status/Partners: Kinga Jarząbkowska, wife

Who is PashaBiceps?

PashaBiceps is famous in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community mostly for his skills. However, the Polish gamer is also enormously popular because of his lovable personality, devotion to his family, and positive outlook on life. The Polak has had a long and turbulent professional gaming career but has pushed through due to his outstanding work ethic and faith in teammates.

Jarząbkowski’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skills are legendary even among non-connoisseurs of the gaming scene. The gamer first started playing Counter-Strike 1.6 in 2004 and transitioned to CS:GO in 2012. The change came with numerous difficulties, but Pasha endured and continued building his impressive reputation as the eSports’ hardest-working man. Following his temporary retirement, Pasha is back in the gaming saddle, so here’s his exciting story.

How did PashaBiceps get famous?

Pasha’s talent for Counter-Strike became apparent shortly after the gamer discovered the world of CS in the early 2000s. The Polak grew up in a small village named Nasielsk, an hour outside of the nation’s capital, Warsaw. The gamer’s career started with CS 1.6, in which he quickly excelled. After only months into the game, Pasha began playing the game for extended periods and participated in numerous tournaments.

Despite being in high school, Jarząbkowski’s prowess quickly led him to become a top player in his area. But, reality showed its ugly face and shot down the player’s passion for full-time gaming. As high school neared its end, Pasha was in a serious and committed relationship with his future wife, Kinga. 

Despite his enormous talent, the Counter-Strike scene at the time was insufficiently popular to allow the gamer to put food on the table. Jarząbkowski strengthened his resolve and threw himself into various construction jobs as a way of making ends meet.

A new chapter in Pasha’s family life

After a while, Jarząbkowski’s wife, Kinga, landed a job in the capital of Warsaw. The happy couple settled into their new surroundings, but there were numerous challenges ahead. The increased cost of living in Warsaw was the first obstacle, due to which PashaBiceps started studying physical therapy. 

Just when it seemed things were improving, the call of Counter-Strike was too enticing for the gamer. Merely six months after embarking on his studies, Pasha decided to quit and continue pursuing a professional CS gaming career. Later on, it would turn out that this decision was courageous and also the right call to make. 

Pasha’s big break

Promising his wife the reward would be worth the risk, Pasha threw himself entirely into Counter-Strike 1.6. As the years went by, the gamer’s earnings and reputation continued to grow. At one point, the “Golden Five”- five of Poland’s best CS players – took note of PashaBiceps and approached the player. 

Loord, Neo, kuben, and TaZ added Pasha into the mix; a groundbreaking opportunity for the Polish gamer. Jarząbkowski capitalized on the chance to play in the big leagues and helped his teammates build an elite reputation in CS 1.6 over the next several years.

PashaBiceps’ turbulent professional start

During 2011 and most of 2012, Pasha and his teammates wreaked havoc across the global Counter-Strike 1.6 scene. Equal parts mesmerizing and instilling fear in their opponents, the Polish team dominated almost every event in which it participated. However, their continuously impeccable performances ground to a halt in late 2012, when the team switched from CS 1.6 to CS: Global Offensive.

The change disrupted the entire team’s stellar record, including PashaBiceps. Despite most of the community still seeing them as top-notch competitors, their performances began to fluctuate heavily. 

Throughout late 2012 and early 2013, the team recorded impressive and catastrophic results almost equally. In late 2013, kuben and Loord decided to quit the team, and Pasha married Kinga. Amid such a challenging time, Jarząbkowski even considered quitting gaming and searching for a more “normal” job. 

However, TaZ and NEO managed to persuade their recently married teammate to endure in the team. The duo’s prediction that the eSports scene would grow and provide PashaBiceps with a way to support his wife proved correct. The three players recruited the young byali and Snax to fill the empty slots, and the team continued to grind.

Pasha’s debut in Team

Late 2013 was another setback for Pasha, as the new roster didn’t even make it out of the group stage at the DreamHack Winter 2013 (the first CS:GO Major). Despite the team’s new blood, the five struggled to repeat the consistency that made their glory days of CS 1.6 so legendary. 

In late January 2014, the entire AGAiN roster (TaZ, snax, PashaBiceps, NEO, and byali) signed with Pasha’s first major competition under the new banner was the iconic Major ESL One Katowice 2014. not only competed in front of the gamers’ home crowd in Poland but also saw the team win. This title would fuel the team in countless subsequent victories, including no less than 14 Top-4 finishes in 2014 alone. 

Winning the ESL One Katowice 2014 signaled several years of the team’s dominance in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. More precisely, the following years also allowed Pasha to hone his skills even further. The gamer got much better with the AWP and also polished his in-game flexibility. Soon after joining VP, Pasha became famous as a deadly CS:GO player with stone-cold calmness and impressive experience.

Pasha’s lovable personality

Starting in 2014, Pasha started rising to even higher global prominence. However, aside from his jaw-dropping gaming skills, Jarząbkowski’s out-of-game profile also started attracting more interest. By then, it was clear that Pasha was anything by the stereotypical professional gamer. 

The eSports community fell madly in love with the gamer’s open personality and his wildly popular stream. Jarząbkowski is a passionate gym-goer, and his impressive physical build is one of his most defining characteristics (PashaBiceps). Aside from promoting a healthy lifestyle, the gamer is also a family man. 

Most notably, the global eSports community adores Pasha because of the love for his child and wife and his iron dedication, gaming passion, and friendly demeanor. The Counter-Strike community has a unique and special place in its heart for Pasha’s genuine personality and his ruthless in-game skills.

The unavoidable inconsistent results

In 2015, the ups and downs of Pasha’s professional career reared their ugly head once more. Between March and July, the team pocketed nine Top-4 finishes, all during premier events. Two of these notable results included the semifinals at both the Cologne and Katowice majors. However, during the same period, VP placed 5-6th or worse at five other premier events.

The fall of that year saw the team shell out near-perfect performances. But VP bombed the DreamHack Cluj-Napoca Major quarterfinals, and things went south. What followed between October 2015 and May 2016 was one of the worst periods since 2014. 

The squad performed lousy during the MLG Major Championship: Columbus, the DreamHack Masters Malmo, the IEM Masters World Championship, the DreamHack Leipzig, the IEM San Jose, and the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2. 

Despite VP splitting community speculations, they stuck through the storm and overcame the issues in play and shot-calling. The return to the throne for VP started with the 2016 ESL One Cologne Major. After this event, PashaBiceps also helped VP land ELEAGUE Season 1, DreamHack Bucharest 2016, DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017, and 2nd place at the ELEAGUE Major 2017.

Pasha’s CS:GO retirement & comeback

Following numerous lackluster finishes, VP terminated its CS:GO pro squad in December 2018. PashaBiceps took the dramatic development as an opportunity to put some distance between himself and professional gaming. 

Shortly after his retirement, PashaBiceps turned to full-time streaming. The gamer pursued his content creating passion for most of 2019 and joined Team Liquid as a streamer in 2020. 

However, the call of professional gaming was once again too strong. Jarząbkowski announced he would return to the competitive circuit by spearheading “Liquid Biceps,” a team of young Counter-Strike talents he assembled. Speculations indicate that the new unit will serve as Team Liquid’s academy roster and will include all-Polish players or gamers from all around Europe.

PashaBiceps streaming

PashaBiceps went into full-time streaming following his official retirement from The gamer’s streams were globally successful, skyrocketing his Twitch account to more than 1.3 million subscribers and close to 32 million channel views. 

Because Jarząbkowski continues to be a prominent and popular figure in the eSports scene, he has received numerous significant donations via Twitch. His channel on this platform is the 8th most-watched Polish CS:GO channel and the 110th most-watched Polish channel.

PashaBiceps wife

Pasha married his high school sweetheart, Kinga Jarząbkowska, sometime in late 2012/early 2013. The couple started dating in high school, and Kinga was a massive support to the gamer throughout all the hardships of his professional career. Jarząbkowska is also the mother of Pasha’s daughter Nela (born 2014). 

Since the earliest days of his professional gaming career, PashaBiceps has never failed to proclaim the love for his wife. Jarząbkowska has also participated in several of the gamer’s Twitch streams, demonstrating her support. The couple seems to have a wonderful marriage crowned with a daughter, and eSports fans adore Pasha even more as a result.

PashaBiceps personal info

Growing up in a small town outside of Warsaw, Pasha started playing Counter-Strike 1.6 at only 13 years old. Because there was not much to do in a small town such as Nasielsk, the gamer started frequenting the newly opened internet cafe at the time. The rest is history.

Several years later, the lovable CS legend met his future wife, Kinga, in high school. The couple dated for several years and moved to Poland’s capital when Kinga found a job there. Jarosław and Kinga finally married during a difficult time of Pasha’s professional career. They have a child together, and the gamer continues to pursue his gaming passion with his family’s support.

Since childhood, Pasha has been an avid fitness enthusiast. Even his professional gaming moniker is a play on words deriving from his impressive physical build. In early 2020, Pasha and his wife suffered a tragedy when his unborn baby’s heart started beating while four months pregnant. 

PashaBiceps net worth & finances

It is difficult to estimate an eSport player’s net worth accurately. In the case of Pasha, available information indicates the gamer is the 5th highest earner from Poland and 183rd in highest overall earnings.

Throughout his career, Pasha’s highest cash prize from a single tournament was $80,000.00 from ELEAGUE Season 1 in 2016. The gamer has participated in 168 contests during his professional career. Pasha also has income from subscribers and donations on his Twitch channel (one fan even donated $50,000!). 

Here is a breakdown of PashaBiceps’ yearly income:

2007 – $160.60

2009 – $1,774.05

2010 – $10,704.41

2011 – $22,038.70

2012 – $13,886.66

2013 – $7,608.05

2014 – $45,026.73

2015 – $103,499.05

2016 – $186,777.64

2017 – $178,364.88

2018 – $53,764.80

2019 – $367.46

2020 – $90.51.


1. How old is PashaBiceps?

PashaBiceps was born on April 11, 1988, which makes him 32. The gamer will turn 33 in April 2021. 

2. Where does PashaBiceps live?

PashaBiceps currently lives in Poland’s capital of Warsaw with his wife and daughter.

3. What’s PashaBiceps’ height?

While there is no precise information on this subject, estimates on PashaBiceps’ height put him at 6 ft (184cm) tall.

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