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The Comperhensive League of Legends Betting Guide

Betting on League of Legends matches is a risky business. Despite the in-game knowledge, you will probably fail in earning a profit. Games are unpredictable and the statistics are not working in your favor.

But as you already know, it’s not all about the statistics. 

After you combine all the puzzle pieces, you might see some profit. 

After over 6 years of League of Legends betting experience, we’ve certainly assembled the puzzle and we’re ready to share our main takeaways. 

So let’s start.

Should I bet money on League of Legends?

Betting on League of Legends is a great way to lift the game to another level. Instead of simply cheering your team, now you’ll have an opportunity to predict their matches and possibly earn money.

However, if you’re not betting smart and responsibly, you might end up with an empty bankroll and a bitter-tasting experience.

So the answer is simple – if you’re truly into the game, you should test your betting skills. But as you start, make sure to: 

  • Get familiar with eSports betting in general
  • Learn how to utilize opportunities in League of Legends betting
  • Wager minimum amounts and bet with caution

Luckily, we’ll cover everything on this page. And once you’re finished with reading the article, you should be ready for your first League of Legends bet. 

How to bet on League of Legends

How to bet on League of Legends

According to our previous League of Legends betting experience, you might greatly increase your odds of winning by following these tips. 

Note: Only the first tip is beginner-friendly. The other ones are reserved for players with decent League of Legends knowledge; thus, you should have a deep understanding of the game to apply these with success. In case you’re not familiar with the concept of League of Legends, jump on the section where we briefly explain LoL gameplay

1. Find the best League of Legends bookmaker

Picking the right bookmaker is the first and essential step of every successful eSports betting journey. Luckily, we made this part easy for you. Simply jump on the Where can I bet on League of Legends section and find the best bookmakers for League of Legends bets. 

Picking the right bookmaker is of the utmost importance for numerous reasons. 

For example, if the matches you want to play aren’t available, or the selection of different markets is insufficient, then your strategy has no value at all. 

Not to mention security. If the betting site doesn’t have the necessary licenses and regulations, you might be easily scammed. 

Security is the main reason why we made this list. We are passionate about eSports gaming, and trustworthiness is of the utmost importance for us. 

2. Experiment with different markets 

This chapter is connected to the more technical side of eSports betting – choosing the right market. 

In most cases, bettors place their prediction on a winning team or a winner of the entire tournament. 

While this may seem like an obvious choice, the truth is on the different end of the spectrum. Bookmakers want you to bet on simple markets. The odds are usually the lowest here, and even if you win, you won’t earn much.

We recommend, especially for more experienced bettors, to try and experiment with other, not-so-traditional betting markets. The exotic eSports betting markets are indeed riskier, but the potential profit is disproportionately higher. 

Here is a list of League of Legends betting markets you should try during your next bets: 

First Blood

According to each team’s playstyle, you can try to predict who will take the first blood. When there are two teams with similar standings, by analyzing their playstyles, you’ll be able to tell if they’re likely to score the first blood. For example, if their strategy is early-game focused, this might be a good opportunity. 

Also, some teams prefer to group up at the beginning, with the goal of making the first blood. 

First Baron kill

This one is similar to the previous one, and the betting option is pretty self-explanatory. Here, you’re wagering on a team to slay Baron first. 

This is another opportunity that you can utilize if you know your teams’ play style in detail. So the formula is simple – the more familiar you are with the competing teams, the more League of Legends betting opportunities open up. 

Match duration

Match duration bet is often listed in over/under format – the betting operator will give a specific number, for example, 30, and you’ll have to tell if the match will last less than or over 30 minutes. 

This betting market is mainly reserved for advanced bettors, as it’s too risky for amateurs. However, once you’re familiar with the competing teams, predicting the match length isn’t as hard. 

Handicap betting 

Handicap is a great betting market for those not-so-balanced clashes. For example, local league favorites will often play with underdogs during the Spring and Summer split, and most likely, they will win.

As the statistics are working to their advantage, betting odds won’t be as good here. 

However, you can raise the stakes by going for a riskier bet that’s also likely to happen. 

The most popular handicap bets in League of Legends are map handicap (total score handicap) and match or map kills handicap. 

3. Get to know the strategy

We’re jumping on an advanced level with this one. It requires extensive knowledge of teams’ standings. But on the positive side, teams are often following the same main strategy throughout the whole tournament. According to previous matches, you can predict the outcome. 

Combining their strategy with more complicated betting markets is a profitable choice, as you know the information beyond the bookmaker’s statistics. 

For example, if two teams are both focusing on late-game, you can assume that the match length will be above average. Also, if both of them are playing safe and defensive, it may add up to total time. 

This is the perfect scenario where you can earn money by predicting the total length of the game. 

Additionally, a weak link in the roster or some ongoing chaos can influence the overall performance in the team’s ranking. Not to mention the unexpected changes in the rosters; If the main player is swapped, a team is more likely to lose. 

4. Investigate the recent meta shifts

Games like League of Legends are under constant updates. Tweaks and additions are introduced to the game on an almost daily basis. 

Riot Games is on the endless journey of fine-tuning the elements. And it may seem like a minor update on the paper, in reality, they often boost or nerf champions, items, strategies, etc. 

These updates involve both professional tournaments and recreational players’ matches. If you’re an active player, you are perfectly aware of what we are talking about. 

When the meaningful meta shift happens, we see the favorite teams losing hard and the newcomers earning gold medals. 

If there was a large update before the competition you’re betting on, we suggest you rethink your decisions. 

As a result, you might come up with a prediction you never dreamed about. 

5. Connect with League of Legends communities 

Having first-hand information on players’ standings, rosters and ongoing changes differentiates successful from unsuccessful bettors. But logically, it’s nearly impossible to know everything, especially if the changes are somewhat hidden. 

However, there’s a fix for that problem as well. This is also a part of the essential tactics that we use before our League of Legends bets. 

And that tactic is joining LoL communities and actively following what’s happening over there. The first choice should be Reddit, followed by the forums, Facebook groups, Telegram channels and Viber group chats. 

Also, it’s recommended to follow social media accounts of pro athletes, especially Twitter. They frequently publish news and updates regarding the team standings, their personal performance and so on. This is the vital information an eSports bettor can get before the wagering. 

Where can I bet on League of Legends? 

Where to bet on League of Legends?
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League of Legends is undoubtedly the king in eSports betting. Additionally, the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) is among the greatest tournaments in the world of eSports

In the past years, it broke records for the most popular eSports competition. Speaking of view count, Worlds outperformed both NBA and Super Bowl finals. 

As a logical sequence, millions of people started betting on this highly addictive and enjoyable game. 

However, amateur bettors often make a mistake in the first step. They choose a bookmaker with poor payment options, low odds, or even stumble upon a betting site without a compulsory license. 

For this not to happen, we showed you the best and trustworthy sites for LoL betting and eSports betting in general. 

By choosing one from our list, you’re picking a provider that’s among the leaders in the field. 

  • How’s that?

Before creating the final list, we conduct a thoughtful selection and in-depth investigation of different betting sites. 

We sort out the ones with the highest trustworthiness factor, numerous market opportunities and a wide selection of matches and games. 

Also, bonus points are given for generous bonuses, mobile-friendliness, and overall user experience. 

League of Legends Worlds betting

League of Legends Worlds Betting

Once you’re familiar with how and where to bet on League of Legends, it’s time to explore the best opportunities. Depending on the time of year, you might find international events with an attractive range of betting markets. 

An event that shines the brightest is The League of Legends World Championship, also known as Worlds. Worlds betting is the highlight of the year, as it gives the unique opportunity for exotic events seen never before. As we’ve covered the part about experimenting with different markets, you’re aware of the potential that lies in exotics bets.

As LoL Worlds is an annual event, you should come in fully prepared. On the positive side, the event marks the season’s ending, and it usually takes place in September and October. Before the worlds, there are Spring and Summer splits, followed by the Mid-Season Invitational that’s just between those two splits. 

The journey towards Worlds betting

The ideal League betting journey should start with the Spring split, where you can check the teams’ standings and general performance. During this initial phase, bettors are not advised to make big stakes and risky bets, as the season is still unpredictable. In this phase, teams are testing their strategies, swapping players, and so on.

After the Spring split is finished, the big main event is the MSI. This is an annual international event and the second biggest League of Legends competition. 

During MSI, you’ll be able to see what it’s like to bet on Worlds, as those two events feature similar or the same format. There is also a more comprehensive selection of LoL betting markets than usual, so you can finally start with the exotics. 

After the MSI, the next phase is the Summer split. Teams are more balanced here, with more or less predictable tactics. It is essential to monitor teams’ performances, as the top-rated will proceed towards Worlds. 

Once the Summer split is finished, the best teams from local leagues worldwide will meet for the last time to crown the champions. 

Experienced bettors come on the stage with a proper plan and winning strategy for League of Legends Worlds betting. 

League of Legends VS Sports betting

League of Legends vs sports betting

Betting on eSports titles shares the same or at least similar format to traditional sports betting. However, the main difference is in the general pace. 

In eSports, rosters, strategies and metas change way too often compared to traditional sports. Take football, for example. The strategy and the gameplay are the same, and the only thing that changed in the past is the players’ general shape. The game is lifted on another level, yet the objective and a road to success remains the same. 

Titles such as League of Legends publish patches, changes and modifications to the game on a monthly basis at least. Also, rosters change frequently throughout the season, and the average time that a player spends in a team is around a year. 

So the goal in eSports and League of Legends betting is to keep up with the pace. You’ll need to follow the game’s updates, watch for meta changes and track rosters and individual player performances. 

League of Legends gameplay summary

League of Legends Gameplay explained

League of Legends shares the same principles as other MOBA games such as Dota 2. 

It’s fairly easy to understand the basic rules, items, stats, champions, etc. 

However, the hard part comes when you try to put all that information into use. Once you get to know the basics, the learning curve gets way steeper. 

What makes the game complex is the unique combination of multiple factors. Often you can see patterns, yet you should be open to surprises in all circumstances. 

  • Okay, but how is that connected to LoL betting?

If your goal is to place a winning bet, understanding the game inside-out is a must. 

If you’re a beginner, you should check out this part first. Here are the bare essentials of LoL gameplay. 

League of Legends player roles 

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena where two teams of five players work together intending to destroy the enemy’s Nexus – a core building located in each team’s base. 

The primary game mode and the one played on the biggest eSports tournaments is Summoner’s Rift. The Summoner’s Rift is at the same time the name of a map where players encounter in combat. 

To understand the basic principles of LoL gameplay, you need to be familiar with roles and lanes. 

There are three main lanes on Summoner’s Rift map:

  • Bottom lane (bot)
  • Middle lane (mid)
  • Top lane

And in between, you will find a piece of the map called the “jungle.” 

Once you know the map setting, you can proceed with roles, as they are usually assigned for each lane. 

Bottom lane

On the bot lane, you have Attack Damage Carry (ADC) and Support

ADC is one of the main damage dealers in a team, and as the name suggests, he can carry team fights in the late game. 

However, as the ADC is a squishy role, Support is assigned to go with him. Support is the obvious role – the point is to boost ADC on bot lane during the early game. And as the match progresses, ADC switches to helping the entire team. 

His spells consist of heals, map manipulations, crowd controls and such. 

Mid lane

On the middle lane, you will find a jack of all trades. Mid lane champions are either mages, assassins or roamers. 

As they are situated in the middle of the map, their role is strategically crucial. Together with ADC, mid is one of the two main damage dealers in a team. 

ADC is usually the most popular role, yet because of its strategic background, it’s challenging to master. 

Top lane

The top lane champion is the foundation and the stability of a team. In most cases, the top lane is occupied by a tank or a lone wolf capable of surviving alone. 

As the top lane joins the rest of the team in the mid-game, playing strong in 1v1 clashes is essential. 

The winning strategy in League of Legends

A secret formula for success in League of Legends, unfortunately, doesn’t exist. The same as with most other eSports games – in order to become a professional, you need to spend hours and hours of in-game time. 

The same applies to League of Legends betting. This explanation was just the beginning, and to train the eye, you’ll need to see numerous tournaments, matches, streamers, etc. 

However, if you are already familiar with League of Legends, the tips we gave you are more than enough for a successful League of Legends betting experience. 


As League of Legends is among the most popular games on the globe, the same applies to LoL betting. 

But if you want to score for the win and earn money, you should arm yourself with quality information. 

The greatest part is connected to in-game knowledge. If you’re actively watching LoL tournaments or even playing the game yourself, you’re at a considerable advantage. As we already explained, changes happen too frequently, and to keep winning, you must keep up with the fast pace. 

However, knowing the game inside out is not enough. It’s expected to be familiar with the act of betting and sports gambling in general. 

Luckily, we made that easy for you. One of the most complex parts is picking the best League of Legends betting site. You should look for security measures, trustworthiness, and a bunch of other factors. 

We understand that it is a harsh process, and we did the “dirty” work. After in-depth research and detailed analysis, we created the list of the best League of Legends betting sites you can trust. 

What’s left for you is to pick a bookmaker from the list, sign-up on the preferred site, apply the game knowledge and earn some bucks!

eSportsbff is an independent source of information unrelated to any sportsbook. Our autonomous expert team creates all of our reviews honestly, according to their best judgement and knowledge. However, our reviews are written solely for informative purposes.