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The first step to a successful League of Legends betting isn’t the correct prediction. Before placing a wager, you’ll need to know which LoL betting sites are reliable, secure, and overall an excellent place to start. 

On this page, we’ll cover two of the most important segments for each beginner’s betting journey. We will: 

  1. Show you the best League of Legends betting sites according to the most relevant ranking factors
  2. Teach you how to pick and rate the betting operator on your own

So let’s start. 

Best League of Legends betting sites according to our expert reviews

Welcome Bonus
200% Up To $200
Additional T&C Apply
5.0 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Bonus
100% Up To $100
Additional T&C Apply
5.0 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Bonus
100% Up To €200
Additional T&C Apply
4.8 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Bonus
100% Up To $250
Additional T&C Apply
4.8 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.
Welcome Bonus
100% Up To $100
Additional T&C Apply
4.5 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.

After the in-depth review, extensive comparisons and manual testing, this is the final list of the best LoL betting operators. Of course, as we’re constantly working on our ratings and bookmaker recommendations, this might change in the meantime, as we update our rankings frequently. 

How did we rate betting sites? 

The final score of a bookmaker’s rating combines four elements:

  1. Trust & Fairness
  2. Games & Matches 
  3. Bonuses & Promotions
  4. Customer Support

However, in reality, we check much more, as we’re aiming to provide you with comprehensive, unbiased reviews tailored for your game of choice – in this case, League of Legends. 

Trust & Fairness

Reputation and security are the essentials when it comes to League of Legends betting and any betting-related online activity. 

First, we make sure that the bookmaker is reputable regarding trust factors and signals across the internet. Then, we check the site’s profile and player’s official reviews within the betting and gaming communities to see if the site is legitimate. 

Once we’re sure that everything’s on point and the site isn’t a scam, we perform a manual check of licensing and the site’s security. 

An expert in the field can easily do this, yet it’s often a challenge for newcomers. Later on, we’ll explain in detail how to check if the League of Legends betting site has the official betting license. 

Games & Matches 

Perhaps each League of Legends betting site will make Worlds available for betting. But what about the league matches throughout the Spring and Summer split? 

Here we’re looking for betting sites with the greatest selection of matches. From local leagues to major international events – we want to have them all.

Also, another factor that’s related to match selection is the availability of specific betting markets. As a novice, you might be okay with the two-way betting scenario, where all you have to do is to predict the winner of the clash. Yet, as we mentioned in our general League of Legends betting guide, exotic markets are where the money is made. 

The more experienced you get, the more betting markets you’ll be willing to explore. Therefore, we give extra points for those betting sites that made extensive markets available. 

Bonuses & Promotions

Bonuses and promo offers are usually the first things you see when choosing a League of Legends bookmaker. Those promo offers are a vital marketing strategy for attracting new customers.

However, they might really help you at the start, as you’ll get some extra credits for your trial and error. If you’re lucky enough with your prediction, this could go beyond trial and error, and you could multiply your profit thanks to the bonuses. 

Yet, taking a good deal isn’t as easy as looking at the highest figures or the biggest percentage of a matched deposit bonus. In addition, those promo offers come with a set of wagering requirements, and indeed the best betting websites have the best of both worlds.

For example, if one bookmaker offers a 500% matched deposit bonus of up to $1000 (which isn’t the case in reality), but with a 50x times rollover requirement, this isn’t such a great deal. Instead, the other might offer a 100% matched deposit bonus of up to $100 (which is an actual figure), with 5x rollover – this is a good deal. 

The catch with rollover requirement is usually written in small letters as a disclaimer somewhere on the site, almost hidden. 

This was just one example of a tricky bonus deal, and when we pick and rate different LoL betting sites, we consider all factors. 

Customer Support

Customer support within betting sites is one of the essentials, yet most of us don’t realize that until we need them. They are here to solve your problems regarding game and match availability, deposits and withdrawals, issues within the processes and many more. 

The fact we check first is the general availability of customer support. Mostly all bookmakers will offer support through email, but that one might not be as efficient. Bonus points are given when they have a live chat or live call feature available so that you can get in touch anytime. 

Speaking of live chat, the working hours are of the utmost importance, as those businesses are primarily global, serving the entire world. Therefore you might find one betting site with customer support serving only regular US working hours, which is not suitable for Europe. Also, numerous European sites whose support working hours are odd for the Australian or Canadian market. 

Logically, the ones with 24/7 live service get the most points in our rating. 

How can you find the best League of Legends betting site? 

With our reviews and ratings, we made picking LoL betting websites simple. However, if you want to research on your own, here is the list of things you should take into consideration. 

Keep in mind that this is a basic checklist, and if you’re not experienced in the betting industry, you might easily get a different opinion by overlooking some essential segments. Also, some sketchy operators will try to mask and hide their shady profile by using an array of tricks that we’re mostly familiar with and are able to recognize sooner or later. 

Therefore, the most straightforward and safest option is to head to one of the listed sites. Then, instead of the analysis, you could focus on upcoming matches and placing the correct prediction. 

So let’s begin with the essentials. 


To operate on a specific market, a betting operator (in this case, LoL betting site) needs to have valid licensing. 

Licensing is a form of global regulation that allows a company to legally operate in a specific territory. 

The most popular gaming regulatory bodies are: 

  • Curaçao e–Gaming Licensing Authority
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Gibraltar Gambling License
  • UK Gambling Commission
  • The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

So if you see those names in the footer, you know that you’re (probably) safe. Yet this isn’t the entire list of all regulatory bodies, and if you see an odd name, make sure to type that in Google and see if they are legit. 

Availability of matches 

Before you start with the research, think of the LoL Leagues and matches you’re mostly watching. Then, once you have the list, check if the site offers betting in those leagues or betting on those matches. 

Some poorly performing sites will offer only the biggest events, such as Worlds or MSI, and this certainly isn’t enough for a year-long betting experience. 

Betting market diversity 

As we mentioned in the previous section, the availability of different betting markets is one of the most critical factors when we rate an LoL betting site. Usually, the ones with the broadest match selection will offer an array of different markets as well.

However, this part is also up to you. If you’re not willing to experiment with exotic markets, handicaps, map-specific predictions and such, you might be fine with the basic, two-way winner scenario. 

Welcome bonus offer

A welcome bonus is a one-time offer, so make sure to use this opportunity. But, as we already mentioned, don’t look at the numbers only. Instead, even the more important factor is to check the limitations and requirements that you need to fulfill before withdrawing the offer. 

You’ll usually need to wager the given amount a few more times, plus there might be a wagering requirement that prohibits you from wagering on so-called safe matches with low odds. 

League of Legends live betting

In-play betting or live betting is a dynamic alternative to the standard betting on upcoming matches, and it’s certainly gaining popularity. Imagine placing a bet on a match you’re watching live – there’s something about it that eSports bettors love.

LoL betting sites are aware of this and they’re working on implementing this feature on their sites. 

If this idea also attracts you, make sure to check if live betting on League of Legends is available on your website of choice. 

Quality of League of Legends odds

Odds will directly dictate the potential profit you might earn if you place a winning wager. So if you’re unsure about the preferred site, check the quality of the odds. 

This is fairly easy to do – all you have to do is compare the figures among each other and see which one takes less as a bookmaker margin. In other words, the higher the odds, the better. 

Banking methods

Each betting site provides an array of different deposit and withdrawal methods. You should find the entire list quite easy, as soon as you open the site. 

Now, as you’re having a list of banking methods in front of you, check if they align with your preferred methods of payment. 

We suggest you pick an e-wallet, or other digital methods, as it’s the fastest in terms of processing times, and mostly it’s as simple as connecting two accounts. 

The method you should avoid is a simple bank transfer, and that’s because of the two critical reasons. The first one is quite slow processing times – you’ll need to wait for up to a week before funds are available. And the second one is that the fees are often the highest. 

So as long as you stick to PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and similar services, you’ll be safe and sound. 

Ease of use and user experience 

This one is probably the easiest factor to investigate. All you have to do is browse the site just as you would typically do. 

If you’re not having any problems whatsoever, it means that the user experience is on a decent level, and the site is well optimized. 

That means you’re not having any problems finding what you’re looking for, regardless of the device of choice. While all sites are optimized for desktop computers or laptops, some might have issues with mobile devices, and mobile devices are a platform of choice for most bettors.

Coverage of other eSports games 

Chances are you’re not interested in League of Legends betting only. Perhaps you’ll be glad to wager a few bucks on a CS:GO Major tournament, or at least on the match from the Overwatch League. 

Make a list of games you’re a fan of, and check if those are available on the site. Also, the rule of thumb here is that if they offer a decent number of League of Legends matches, they will probably do so with the other titles.

On the other hand, if the selection of LoL matches is poor, perhaps they offer the same experience for lesser-known games. 


Picking the right League of Legends betting site isn’t an easy job. However, with our help, you can make the entire experience hassle-free. Instead of the extensive research, you can read through our detailed rankings and pick a site from the list above.

However, we understand that some might want to look elsewhere, so we tried our best to give general advice for such research. 

First, check the factors we take into consideration when we review LoL betting websites for our site. Then, once you know more about our logic and how we conduct research, jump onto the next part, where we explain how to research on your own.

Make sure to follow each step and sort the sites according to your liking.

And in the end, once you find that perfect match, we wish you to have a successful LoL betting journey with lots of fun and a decent profit. 


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