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Full Name: Kim Tae-sang (Korean: 김태상; Chinese: 金泰相; pinyin: Jīn Tàixiāng)
Nick: Doinb
Also known as: /
Games: League of Legends (LoL)
Current Team: FunPlus Phoenix
Ex Team: ⁠Rogue Warriors, JD Gaming, QG Reapers, Newbee Young, Newbee, Qiao Gu Reapers
Date of Birth: December 30, 1996
Height: 181 cm
Weight: N/A
Place of Birth: Jinju-si, South Korea
Nationality: South Korean
Relationship Status/Partners: Married to Tang Xiaoyou

Who is Doinb?

Doinb is one of the most unpredictable League of Legends Mid Laners that the scene has seen by far. Although originally from South Korea, this professional eSports athlete competes in the Chinese league LPL. 

On this page, we’ll reveal everything you wanted to know about Doinb – from the very first start in LPL 2015 to winning gold on Worlds in 2019. 

So let’s start.

Doinb’s baby steps – LPL 2015

The first appearance on the competitive eSports scene for Doinb started in 2015. Back then, he was a part of the QG Reapers, in exactly the same role as nowadays. The start was pretty promising, with QG taking gold from both spring and summer splits, which qualified them for the Pro League 2015.

In the end, they finished third at the China Regional Finals. However, that wasn’t enough to proceed towards Worlds 2015. After the local placement, the team tested their skills at IEM Cologne Season X, placing second and fifth at the IEM Season X World Championship. 

QG and Doinb stayed together throughout 2016, yet when Newbee bought the team, Doinb was demoted to the secondary squad, which he didn’t particularly enjoy. As the Chinese league grew bigger and stronger, QG couldn’t keep up with the tempo, finishing last in the spring playoffs. 

Road to success with Rogue Warriors

Qiao Gu Reapers went through another acquisition and rebranding, changing the organizational structure as well as the name to JD Gaming. As the team wasn’t as good as Doinb expected, he started looking for more promising opportunities. 

He left Qiao Gu Reapers (JD Gaming) to join Rogue Warriors at the end of 2017, where he was playing for more than a year. 

The real and most significant change by far happened in December 2017 when Doinb joined Rogue Warriors. From there, he started proving his skills and game knowledge, which finally opened the road towards the League of Legends World Championship – Worlds. 

2018’s failure and willingness to quit League of Legends

Despite the RW’s general success in Rift Rivals 2018, Doinb didn’t get the spot at Worlds 2018, which was his biggest goal and the main achievement he was looking for. In LPL’s 2018 finals, they lost to EDG, the rival from China that took the Worlds qualification spot. 

In one of the post-match interviews, Doinb didn’t hide his disappointment and shared the thoughts about quitting competitive gaming. Luckily for Doinb and many of his fans, he decided to stay in business for one more season.

The key figure in this decision was his wife Li “Umi” Youzi, who convinced him not to give up and to try once more. Soonly afterward, both Doinb and his wife, Umi, realized that this was the best decision he could make. 

Doinb and FunPlus Phoenix taking the Summoner’s Cup at Worlds 2019

At the start of the season, in December 2018, Doinb opened a new chapter by joining the Chinese League of Legends organization FunPlus Phoenix. 

As a fairly new team on the Chinese grounds, FPX was not recognized as a threat until their gold at the 2019 LPL Spring Split and the impressive 87% win rate. 

Summer Split had a somewhat similar scenario, where Doinb and FPX won 14 out of 15 matches. This was the time when Doinb secured his spot on Worlds 2019.

How did Doinb get famous?

Doinb won his first MVP at LPL 2017 Spring Regular Season, yet that wasn’t the time when he became worldwide famous.

The world hardly knew about him before that epic placement in 2019. Even when the World Championship started, most fans around the globe weren’t aware of the incredible powers of FunPlus Phoenix and Doinb. 

The group stage went pretty smooth, with FunPlus Phoenix placing as the first seed. Later on, during the knockout stage is where Doinb shined like never before.

He broke the record with his outstanding performance in the 2019 World Championship. Doinb was a mid laner with the highest win rate, gold per minute, and K/D/A. 

Knockout stage had some forceful opponents prepared for FunPlus Phoenix. The first team they had to beat was the legendary Fnatic. After taking Fnatic down with 3-1, FPX jumped towards the semifinals match versus Invictus Gaming. On the other side, there were the almighty G2 and SKT. 

FunPlus Phoenix won the match in the semifinals, yet the finals seemed pretty challenging. They were about to meet G2 Esports. 

Predictions for this match were tight, as both teams had similar mechanical and macro skills. However, once the series started, it was evident that G2 is nowhere near the FPX’s form. 

After three, let’s say smooth matches, we had a winner. It was FunPlus Phoenix with Doinb as their most significant player. 

This was the time when the world was aware of Doinb’s unleashed power. This was the time when Doinb certainly got famous. 

Doinb’s streaming 

Doinb enjoys streaming. He is a guy that doesn’t share his expressions, emotions, or personal life. Throughout Doinb’s streams you could see a ton of dances, confessions, and more. He’s usually making dances as a form of thanking once he receives money and presents from his fans. Also, as he’s one of the top players, you’ll often see famous LPL and LCK jungles playing with Doinb. 

And as the best part, you’ll certainly see what it means to last hit like a pro. Doinb even managed to get 400 cs by 20 minutes. 

Unfortunately for fans around the globe, Doinb’s streams are in Chinese, yet even if you don’t understand the language, you’ll feel the bright energy shining. 

Doinb’s wife Umi

Doinb is married to Li “Umi” You-Zi, and she is undoubtedly one of the main figures in his life. As we’ve already mentioned, she was the reason why Doinb didn’t give up LoL after a few loses in 2018. She made him stay in professional gaming, which led to winning Worlds the year after. 

Doinb’s public proposal to Umi

The highlight of their publicly known relationship is certainly the public proposal that Doinb made in late 2018. Two weeks after joining FunPlus Phoenix, Doinb proposed Umi in front of the live audience during an organization event. 

“Thank you for keeping me company for the past year,” Doinb said to her. “I hope you won’t be my girlfriend anymore, but that you’ll be my wife from here on out. Do you want to?”

The whole audience was shouting in euphoria as Umi was climbing the stage. She was in tears, and certainly wasn’t aware of this perfectly arranged moment. 

The entire scene was set, with photographs appearing on the screen behind Doinb, followed by the sentimental music playing in the background. 

Once Li “Umi” You-Zi climbed on the stage, she took the microphone, saying softly, “I do.” 

Doinb’s personal info

Doinb is a Seoul-born South Korean professional eSports athlete that’s playing in the Chinese League LPL.

Doinb met his wife Li “Umi” You-Zi back when he was 18-years-old, as a new player in the Chinese LoL league. She was also a professional player and commentator for Dungeon Fighter Online back in the days. They have been dating since 2015, yet the relationship wasn’t public until the following year. 

Speaking of individual awards, Doinb made a few noticeable ones. The first one to get was Best New Player in the LPL in 2015. After that, he won two MVP titles in the LPL Spring Split – one in 2017 and the other in 2019. 

He was the 16th player to climb towards 1,000 kills in LPL, and the first-ever South Korean to play more than 300 games in the Chinese League, LPL. 

Doinb net worth and finances 

Doinb’s net worth estimate in 2021 is $1 Million – $5 Million. 

As the majority of money comes from sponsorships and salaries that aren’t publicly available, we can’t certainly tell. 

However, Doinb’s net worth grew significantly during, and after 2019 Worlds. With a $2.2 million prize pool for the 2019 League of Legends World Championship, we’re sure that Doinb’s lion share is equally significant for one’s career. 

How old is Doinb?

Doinb was born on December 30, 1996, making him 24 at the moment of writing this. 

Where does Doinb live?

As a member of FunPlus Phoenix, we assume that Doinb lives in the same city as the organization’s headquarters, Beijing. 

What’s Doinb’s height?

Doinb is 181 cm tall. 

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