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Full Name: Marcus Hill
Nick: Dyrus
Also known as: Brother Dyrus, Dyrone, TSirDiesalot
Game(s): League Of Legends
Current Team: Retired
Ex Team: Delta Fox, Team SoloMid, Epik Gamer, All or Nothing
Date of Birth: March 30, 1992
Height: 6ft4 (194cm)
Weight: 187 lbs (85kg)
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii
Nationality: American
Relationship Status/Partners: Single

Who is Dyrus?

Dyrus is a legendary League Of Legends professional gamer famous for his strategic skills, game raging, and Team SoloMid. The gamer retired from the professional circuit in 2015, but much of the community still considers Dyrus one of the best top laners to play the game.

The American gamer’s real name is Marcus Hill, and he was born March 30, 1992, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dyrus is one of the few professional competitors that has been playing League Of Legends since the game’s beta phase. Hill’s time with TSM was mutually beneficial, as he helped the squad appear at several World Championships and win numerous LCS titles. Keep reading to learn the full story of the American LOL legend.

How did Dyrus get famous?

The American gamer first got in touch with League Of Legends during its beta stage. Even early on, Dyurs was dominant despite his support role for All or Nothing, one of the first competitive LoL teams

All or Nothing soon disbanded, causing the gamer to switch over to Epik Gamer as a top laner. However, the new squad often changed team roles during competitions, allowing Hill to try different parts. It was around this time that the gamer added streaming to his list of activities. 

As a result of his streams and the team’s success at LAN tournaments, Hill garnered enormous popularity. During his time with Epik Gamer, the squad placed second at IPL 3 and MLG Raleigh 2011, and fourth at the Season 1 World Championship.

Dyrus’ debut in TSM

As a result of high ping when playing from Hawaii, Dyrus moved in with TSM’s New York gaming house in early 2012. Despite moving in with Team SoloMid, the Hawaiian-born LoL-er continued playing for Epik Gamer. After IEM Hanover in March 2012, TheRainMan quit TSM, leaving an open spot. Dyrus seized the opportunity to join TSM as the new top laner and stepped down from Epik Gaming.

This decision proved perfect for both Hill and TSM. Team SoloMid quickly became the best team in North America, and its new reputation also echoed throughout the gaming world. Throughout 2012, TSM either won or placed high across all events. The team’s 2012 victories include the GIGABYTE Esports LAN, IPL Face Off: San Francisco, MLG Anaheim, and IPL 4. 

The rivalry with Cloud9

In addition to Counter Logic Gaming and Dignitas, TSM received an automatic seed into the first-ever 2013 North American League Championship Series tournament. The team’s automatic qualification was because TSM was one of the North American teams that participated in the World Championship’s Season 2.

During the NA LCS 2013 playoffs, TSM made it to the finals after defeating Counter Logic Gaming and Vulcun. The squad faced off in the finals against the LCS newcomer Cloud9. As luck would have it, the two teams would later become fierce rivals for the North American standings’ top position. 

In the 2014 preseason, TSM battled against Lemondogs at the Battle of the Atlantic. The team’s lineup featured Bjergsen as the new mid laner for the first time instead of Reginald. Europe lost to North America in the combined score due to TSM winning their series 2-0.

TSM’s comeback

The 2014 season spring split was an improvement compared to the squad’s season 3 summer split. With only two games behind Cloud9 and a 22-6 record at the round robin’s end, TSM again faced Cloud9 in the playoff finals. But luck was on the side of C9, and Dyrus and his squad lost to their rivals 3-0.

It was clear to the LoL community that TSM had been straddling the excellence threshold for some time. Shortly before the summer split, the team made several changes to its roster. Gleeb replaced Xpecial and TheOddOne retired from professional gaming, which proved only partially successful. The new squad still performed inconsistently, and the solution came when Korean import Lustboy replaced Gleeb.

Following the last change to the roster, TSM finally beat Cloud9 3-2 and won the playoffs. The World Championship again saw TSM receiving North America’s top seed and placing second in its group. Despite losing to Samsung White in the quarterfinals, the 2nd position marked the first time Dyrus and his squad advanced past their initial World Championship seeding location.

The turbulent 2015 season

TSM’s 2015 season started impressively, with the team winning the IEM Season IX World Championship. This victory marked a record of sorts because the squad defeated CJ Entus – the first-ever tournament win over a Korean team. 

The championship also made history because it saw a North American team win an international event with Korean teams participating. Before 2015, the last time such a precedent occurred was during the 2011 World Cyber Games.

TMS earned the top seed into the playoffs once again, thanks to a 13-5 record from the spring season. The squad defeated Cloud9 and Team Impulse to win their third North American championship. As a result, TSM continues to share first place with Cloud9 for the highest number of North American LCS championships (three titles each).

Things were also looking up for the squad at the beginning of the summer split. By week 5, the score was an impressive 8-2 but dropped to the lowest regular-season placement by week 9. Despite making the finals thanks to convincing performances, TSM lost 3-0 against CLG in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. 

The “group of TSM’s death” & Dyrus’ retirement

During the following World Championship, TSM found themselves drawn into Group D. Immediately after setting the pairs, fans began referring to the group as the “Group of Death” or the “Group of TSM’s Death.” The squad’s rivals included the heavily favored KT Rolster and LGD Gaming, with Origen being the last entry.

Two of the teams performed unexpectedly, with Origen exceeding expectations and LGD delivering a massively disappointing performance. As chance would have it, Origen and KT made it out of groups, with TSM and LGD failing to qualify for subsequent rounds. In the battle for 3rd position, TSM also suffered a defeat from LGD and finished last in its group (1-5 record). 

Following the squad’s last match at the tournament, the crowd gave Dyrus a standing ovation. Instead of hearing interviews with winning team members, the tournament officials allowed Hill to say goodbye to professional gaming in a brief and emotionally packed speech. 

Dyrus streaming

The American gamer first started streaming on Twitch in late April 2012, although he has been uploading content to YouTube since 2011. To date, Dyrus has amassed more than 1,480,000 Twitch followers. Besides being around for a long time, the gamer’s channel grew in popularity because of Hill’s prominence in eSports. 

Hill typically streams between 8 and 12 hours per day and usually starts at 21:00 or 23:00 UTC. Besides League of Legends, you can also see the gamer streaming various other titles and similar IRL content.

Dyrus’ girlfriend

Dyrus is currently single but dated Twitch streamer Emiru in 2016. However, the streamer took to TikTok in January 2021 to reveal that she and the gamer were no longer in a relationship. 

Dyrus personal info

Hill was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on March 30, 1992. The gamer grew up in Oahu and mostly kept to himself. Rather than play outside with the neighborhood kids, Dyrus chose to spend his time playing SOCOM: US Navy SEALs and HALO 2. At one point, he noticed an ad for League of Legends by accident, and the rest is history.

Hill graduated from high school but had a hard time adjusting post-graduation. Hill’s father, Mark, owned a plumbing business where the gamer apprenticed. According to the gamer, he hated his family’s expectations to take over the family business. 

After a while, he built an avid reputation in the LoL community as a skilled player. However, slow Hawaiian internet and the gamer’s day job halted his pro status appetites. At that point, Dyrus accepted a friend’s invitation to move to New York and live in his gaming apartment.

Hill dated Twitch streamer Emiru during 2016 and moved to Wichita, Kansas, to be closer to his girlfriend and her parents. The couple is no longer dating, but the gamer remains a Wichita resident.

Dyrus net worth & finances

Hill is a legendary LoL player with a somewhat short but lucrative professional gaming career. His total earnings from 48 tournaments amount to $158,673.97, but the gamer also has income from his Twitch and YouTube channels and streams. The largest cash prize from a single contest in Hill’s career was $21,682.80 from IEM IX World Championship.

Dyrus’ yearly tournament earnings include:

2011 – $10,714.29

2012 – $42,245.69

2013 – $24,000.00

2014 – $31,000.00

2015 – $41,682.80

2018 – $2,547.86

2019 – $5,983.33

2021 – $500.00.


1. How old is Dyrus?

Dyrus was born on March 30, 1992, which makes him 29. The American gamer will turn 30 in March 2021.

2. Where does Dyrus live?

Dyrus currently lives in Wichita, Kansas, United States of America. The gamer was born and grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, and changed his residency several times, including the TSM’s game house in New York City.

3. What’s Dyrus’ height?

There are numerous discrepancies regarding this information, but Dyrus is approximately 6ft4 (194cm) tall.

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