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From icons and emblems to borders and banners – League of Legends players have a set of different identity personalization options to choose from. 

Now, Riot Games is in the development phase for new personalization features and players can’t wait for the updates. According to League of Legends Product Lead Cody Germain, we can expect the fresh content later this year and beyond.

What is the idea behind the change?

Riot introduced a set of UI customization options as soon as the game was released. First, you can pick your name, followed by the playstyle, role, summoner icon, Prestige Level (border), champion, skins, and so on. All those are called by the uniform name “Progression Identity.” 

They represent a player’s in-game alter ego, and hell, we love to identify with those. 

Also, Riot has been constantly modifying, improving and adding new features along the way to follow the flow of the entire game.

But now, 12 years after League of Legends was released, it seems like they’ve come to the point where a major update is needed. The current set of features, according to experts, isn’t good enough, and by adding the new features, players will be able to show off better who they truly are. 

The main challenge is the sky-high standard that’s set by the fanbase. Now, everything needs to be top-notch – from visual quality to clarity, theme and so on. Also, Riot wants their players to pick elements that fit their playstyle the most. 

As the main goal, developers stated two things: 

  • Take players’ identity, personality and playstyle customization to the next level
  • Update the existing and add new identity features for 2021 and years to come

Although they have already released the initial ideas, the concept is still under development and players are free to send feedback on Twitter by tagging the League of Legends Dev Team (@loldev) with all thoughts and ideas. 

What can we expect once the update is finished? 

The final product should be the combination of new customization elements and the existing ones that went through a major update. Before we jump towards the additional innovations, let’s check the existing ones that will get a remodeling. 

UI Updates

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the change in the main game screens, including a lobby, loading screen, and end-of-game.

The idea is to reduce the noise and update the visual appearance to fit the modern design concepts while keeping the League of Legends’ signature graphic elements. The update is certainly going to be big, but map accents and background elements will remain untouched. Some background banners might be removed, together with an odd-looking footer in the UI, so that a player could focus on crucial identity elements. 

Also, by adding identity features early in the matchmaking, Riot is willing to let you express your characteristics early in the process. You’ll be able to emphasize new raking emblems, levels, names and icons as soon as you queue with your teammates. 

Image source: Riot Games

Ranked Emblems and Regalia

Achievements made in Ranked plays are by far the main identity component for a serious League of Legends player. Borders and helmets are your medal of honor and should be worn with pride. 

As the main goal, Riot wants to emphasize the sense of value and achievement with those, no matter the tier and division. Also, despite the changes, they wanted to keep the old metallic style and transform it into an even more impressive creation. 

As you can see from the photos below, the new concept will remove texture and faction elements while keeping the distinctive wing shape. Also, the helmet shape will be replaced, and instead, the growth of radiating energy aura will be set in the spotlight. 

Image source: Riot Games


Prestige Levels

From the artistic point of view, prestige level borders were something that designers were more than proud of, yet when it comes to functionality, there was a fault. Once you earn a new prestige level in today’s setting, your old border is automatically replaced with the new one. 

This makes the perfect sense for your tier and division, as this is the main ranking factor. But here, it doesn’t make as much sense, and with the new update, they are going to fix this problem as well. 

As soon as the remodeling is published, you’ll have the opportunity to choose the border that you associate with the most. Also, the design itself goes in a similar direction to the previously mentioned ranked emblems and regalia. Instead of the standard border, the shape will also have a wing element so that the idea makes more sense when combined with the other aspects. 

Image source: Riot Games

New pieces of content 

We’re glad to see the remodeling of the existing content, yet additional identity pieces will undoubtedly be the main star of the show.


Titles represent a sneaky yet cool way to showcase the actions and skills that you’ve achieved throughout the League of Legends journey. As the best part, they are not connected with the actual achievements, which gives another layer of expression to one’s career. 

A sneak peek at the Riot’s official announcement post gave us an idea of what you could see next to your team in the future, and by far, it looks pretty good. Some of the titles that you could take later on include “Prodigy,” Krugbug,” and our favorite, “That Which Has No Life.”

Identity Crystals 

Identity Crystals are items that represent the complete summary of one player’s footprint in the entire game. They follow approximately similar tiering as other systems and they will grow together with your other stats. 

In other words, Identity Crystals reassemble the master achievement that’s approximately the same as the graphic representation of your in-game level.

Also, don’t confuse these with the Gems you get from crafting, as those don’t share any mutual meaning. 

Banner accents

While banners already exist in the current version of League of Legends, they will be replaced entirely by the new ones with extra customization options. 

Instead of filling the background space, these will open up the opportunity to showcase details of your personality not necessarily connected to your in-game accomplishments. 

Image source: Riot Games


These modifications are still in the early stage of development, and as we already stated, the final version will be released by the end of 2021 or later. 

The product development team is currently polishing those additions. Thanks to the constant feedback received by the fanbase, they can modify novelties according to the players’ wishes and expectations. 

Now it’s your turn – 

Tell us what you think about the announced updates down in the comments.

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