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Full Name: Dennis Johnsen
Nick: Svenskeren
Also known as: mTL Tt Pro Sven, 3DMAX Svenskeren
Game(s): League of Legends
Current Team: Evil Geniuses
Ex Team: Cloud9, Team SoloMid, SK Gaming, Supa Hot Crew, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Copenhagen Wolves, Team Mistral, Leethuanyan, 3DMAX, LoLLeagu
Date of Birth: January 2, 1996
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Place of Birth: Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Relationship Status/Partners: Gayle Kimberly, girlfriend

Who is Svenskeren?

The professional gaming world is no stranger to polarizing individuals, and Svenskeren is one that fits the bill perfectly. The Danish gamer’s real name is Dennis Johnsen, and this young League of Legends player’s career was a genuine rollercoaster. His nickname means “The Swede” in Danish.

The prodigious LoL gamer was born on January 2, 1996, in Denmark. He started playing LoL in his childhood, and his professional career dates back to early 2011. One of Svenskeren’s quirks includes frequently spilling water on his keyboard while playing, often causing pauses during tournaments. This gamer stands as an all-time iconic jungler thanks to great success across numerous games, so here’s his whole story. 

How did Svenskeren get famous?

Johnsen’s competitive LoL career started in 2011 with LoLLeague, a team that would later become SK Gaming. The early days of Svenskeren’s professional gaming featured frequent jumping around between teams. Following his short stint with LoLLeague, the gamer moved to 3DMAX. 

It didn’t take Johnsen long to move again and join Leethuanyan after merely a few gaming scrims. Luck would have it that Team Mistral picked up Leethuanyan shortly after the gamer’s arrival, and the Kings of Europe tournament saw Mistral winning 3rd place. However, before the match, Kottenx replaced Svenskeren. At the end of the 2011 season, the Danish LoL prodigy was a free agent.

The Copenhagen Wolves recognized the young gamer’s talent and recruited him just before 2012 Season 2’s end. The team made the right call as the young gamer debuted with CW during the DreamHack Winter 2012. During the competition, CW’s performance was stellar, and they won every match until losing in the semifinals to CLG Europe.

The THOR Open 2012 tournament was next in line, which Fnatic won. However, the Copenhagen Wolves were 2nd, thanks to more impressive performances. The team’s big break followed soon after, with 1st place in the Eclypsia Christmas Cup and the NorthCon eSport Arena 2012.

Struggling to find the right fit

2013’s Season 3 was a turbulent season for the young Danish gamer. It seemed Johnsen couldn’t fit in and find good chemistry no matter which organization he joined. During the spring split, Svenskeren played for the Copenhagen Wolves. In the summer split, he transitioned to Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

SK Gaming was happy to take on Johnsen near the end of Season 3. During the first round of the amateur IEM Cologne tournament, SK Gaming lost against Svenskeren’s former team, the Copenhagen Wolves. 

2014’s Season 4 was the year of mixed feelings for the Danish gamer. The Spring split started well for the team, as SK placed 3rd and secured a spring playoffs spot thanks to Svenskeren adjusting his play style. Fnatic was once again the team to beat, and Johnsen once again failed to help his team. SK finished 2nd after losing the finals. 

The summer split was also satisfactory when it could have been great. After defeating Team ROCCAT and qualifying for the Worlds, the team finished 4th in the regular split and 3rd in the playoffs. 

Svenskeren 2014 racism suspension & fine 

Cultural sensitivities are a priority whenever professional gamers travel between countries. Offenses deriving from such cultural differences can sometimes be nuanced, but some are less subtle. Svenskeren made one such mistake during the 2014 Season World Championships.

During a practice session in 2014 in Taipei, Johnsen registered a practice account on the central Taiwan server. He used the summoner name “Taipeichingchong,” a derogatory term widely perceived as a racial slur. Racist in nature, the expression “ching chong” serves to mock the Chinese language and its numerous dialects. 

Players on the server noticed the name and started to complain about it on a Taiwanese LoL forum. A Taiwanese news outlet called the Apple Daily picked up on the story and published a piece on the Danish gamer and his “creative” moniker. 

Following the story, the gamer quickly changed his name and took to Twitter to apologize. Riot Taiwan demanded that the gamer also apologizes to the community publicly. 

Amid the scandal, SK Gaming flew in Ber “Gilius” Demir, the team’s substitute jungler, per Riot Games’ guidelines. The team also issued a public apology, noting, “…Svenskeren apologized immediately after it happened via Twitter to the public, which was important, but not enough from our point of view. Therefore we are releasing this statement to make sure the community understands that we take this very seriously and feel like we have to take responsibility as well.” 

Riot games also penalized the gamer for his offensive name due to breaking Rule 9.2.4 of the World Championship ruleset. The organization also fined Svenskeren $2,500 and suspended him for three subsequent 2014 World Championship matches.

Svenskeren’s redemption

The 2015 season proved perfect for the gamer, as he helped his team win nearly every match and finish 1st in the regular season. Johnsen played stellarly across different champions, including Rengar and Jarvan IV. During Week 3 of the split, the Dane also won the Weekly MVP award.

However, the success was short-lived, as the squad failed to repeat their initial success at the IEM Season IX – World Championship. The team finished the regular season in 9th place. However, after losing again to Gamers2 in the 2016 Spring Promotion, SK Gaming lost its place in the LCS. 

The scandal surrounding Svenskeren joining TSM

During the 2016 Preseason, both H2k and TSM entered talks with the Danish gamer. TSM initially offered Svenskeren a tryout, but the gamer refused and was all but ready to join H2k. TSM offered the Dane a starting spot in the team roster In an unexpected turn of events, which he accepted. 

This move ignited sparks between the two teams since H2k claimed that Johnsen had first accepted H2k’s offer before TSM, making the latter transfer illegal. Regardless, the transfer went through on November 8 because Reginald claimed the move was not contrary to Riot’s rules. 

TSM’s new roster performed below expectations at the IEM San Jose. Even during the NA LCS season, the squad’s performance was equally disappointing, with only a 50% win rate in the first three weeks. Through most of the 2016 Season, the team faced ups and downs across various tournaments, with a notable improvement after sports psychologist Weldon joined TSM.

TSM also added Biofrost after YellOwStaR quit the team to go back to Fnatic. This move proved right, as the start of the Summer Season saw TSM decimate all opponents until Week 8. With Svenskeren’s help, TSM beat both CLG (3-0) and Cloud9 (3-1) in the finals and made it to the World Championship.

Svenskeren’s Cloud9 stint

TSM’s 2017 season was a roaring success domestically. The team landed a 15-3 record and finished first in the spring split before beating Cloud9 3-2 in the playoffs and capturing another LCS championship. However, the squad’s performance once again fell short at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational. With a 4-6 record, the team finished 5th. 

TSM bounced back in the summer split, pocketed a 14-4 score, and finished 1st in the regular season. Dignitas was TSM’s first victim in the playoffs, and Immortals fell in the finals (3-1), allowing the squad to land their third consecutive title – a precedent in NA LCS history. Thanks to the third title, the team qualified for the 2017 World Championship. 

However, despite being in a favorable group, TSM repeated the previous year’s failure to win their way past the group stage. In November 2017, Svenskeren transferred to Cloud9 after leaving Team SoloMid. 

Svenskeren debut in Evil Geniuses

2018 proved to be among the most pivoting seasons in the gamer’s professional career. After transitioning to C9 from TSM at the end of 2017, Svenskeren helped C9 place 5th in the Spring Season. Many predicted a stellar season for the team, which ended up being merely mediocre, causing Cloud9 management to change the roster.

In addition to bringing back Sneaky and Jensen to the forefront, the team also added Zeyzal, Keith, and GoldenGlue to the squad. During the season splits and due to poor performance, Svenskeren ended up at Cloud9 Academy. Blaber replaced the Danish gamer for the rest of the 2018 Summer Season, causing Johnsen to, once again, quit C9 and join Evil Geniuses.

Svenskeren streaming

The Danish gamer streams via his Twitch channel regularly and has more than 120,000 followers on the platform. Numerous subscribers recommend the gamer’s Twitch channel as an example of excellent and calm-decision making. As a result, his streams are ideal for aspiring gamers looking to benefit from tournament-winning gameplay tips and tricks.

Svenskeren girlfriend

The Danish gamer is dating Gayle Kimberly (born on 24 February) and has been for several years. However, available information regarding the couple’s romantic life is scarce. What’s evident from both Johnsen’s and Kimberly’s social media profiles is that the couple is still going strong and appears to be in a happy relationship. 

Svenskeren net worth & finances

Johnsen is ranked 24th in highest earnings among players from Denmark and 580th in highest overall profits. The gamer has had a lucrative professional career, and the single largest cash prize won from a single tournament was $75,250.00. He won this amount at the League of Legends 2018 World Championship in November 2018.

As a result of 35 tournaments, the gamer has earned a total of $275,257.41 from professional gaming. However, his income streams also include sponsorships, donations, and viewership fees across popular platforms. Svenskeren’s yearly earnings include:

2011 – $26.32

2012 – $3,495.69

2013 – $3,218.32

2014 – $15,500.00

2015 – $4,000.00

2016 – $41,815.00

2017 – $83,161.40

2018 – $81,805.56

2019 – $19,235.12

2020 – $5,000.00.


1. How old is Sveskeren?

Svenskeren was born on January 2, 1996. The Danish gamer turned 25 in January 2021.

2. Where does Svenskeren live?

Johnsen currently lives in the United States of America due to his current engagement with Team Evil Geniuses. Svenskeren was born in Denmark.

3. What’s Svenskeren height?

There is currently no information regarding the gamer’s physical characteristics, other than his impressive weight loss.
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