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Recently this year, the entire CS:GO eSports scene blew up after several coaches exploited the spectator bug, giving their players an extremely unfair advantage over their competitors. 

Heroic’s coach Nicolai ‘HUNDEN’ Petersen was in the spotlight, as he was under an ESIC ban for around two years. 

Yet despite the ban, he managed to boost Heroic through the 2020 and 2021 seasons. 

However, now there is an entirely different set of allegations connected with leaking Heroic’s stratbook to Astralis – their rivals. Yet as the entire story unfolds, we see that it’s much deeper than it seems. Now the whole team is at risk. 

HUNDEN Changing his Mind in the Middle of the Scandal

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) started the official investigation once more after Nicolai ‘⁠HUNDEN⁠’ Petersen claimed that he isn’t the only guilty figure in the entire Heroic roster. 

According to his fresh announcements backed up with evidence, other players in Heroic were aware of him using the spectator bug. 

If we take a look a few months back, we could remember HUNDEN saying that he was exploiting the bug on his own, without the knowledge of his roster. Now it seems like he changed his mind, forcing the spotlight on the entire team. 

But How Did That Happen? 

HUNDEN decided to share this perhaps excessive information just moments before ESIC confirmed his two-year ban, thanks to another case. 

The two-year ban had to do with Huden leaking sensitive strategy information to Astralis, just before the IEM Cologne where those two teams were supposed to meet. 

All of this drama happened during HUNDEN’s interview with Danish TV2 on September 3rd. 

The Infamous Recording

During his interview, HUNDEN showed a conversation between him and niko, a former Heroic player, where niko confirmed that each player from the team knew about the bug exploit. 

What’s more, they found an official server log where it was clear that TeSeS, their other player, helped HUNDEN to get into the spectator mode’s bug environment during the Home Sweet Home 5 event. 

The TV2 hosts claimed that the logs were reviewed by reputable CS:GO referees, who confirmed that HUNDEN’s words totally make sense. 

What’s more, Heroic asked the entire team, including HUNDEN, to sign an NDA that doesn’t allow them to talk about this scandal. And according to the coach, nobody from the team wanted to do so. 

Heroic, Now What?

Just as expected, Heroic’s roster didn’t want to comment or give any information related to the controversial press conference or HUNDEN’s claims about the CS:GO coaching scandal. They were about to enter the ESL Pro League playoffs and didn’t want to take on the topic at that time. 

Now, as the ESL Pro League 14 has already passed, with Heroic sharing 3rd/4th place with OG, we expect to hear some first-hand information that will hopefully reveal the mystery. 

If not, we’ll get first-hand information from ESIC, as their official investigation has already started.

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