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Here’s one for all of you mobile gaming fans. According to Activision’s official teaser, the World Championship in Mobile version of Call of Duty will take place in 2021.

Everything started in April of 2020, when Activision, the company standing behind this widely successful RPG title, announced CoD: Mobile World Championship. 

They gave the opportunity for top players around the world to take part in an entirely legitimate eSports competition. They also noted that anybody would have equal chances of progressing throughout the competition, regardless of their region, country, etc. As long as you belong to the highly-ranked category, you might be in. 

The cancellation of 2020’s World Championship

Despite the planned scenario, in December of 2020, Call of Duty Mobile canceled its World Championship due to the exploding coronavirus pandemic. 

Qualifiers and regional playoffs were supposed to be online, just like many other eSports events in 2020. However, the Finals were expecting a big live event in Los Angeles.

We were about to witness one of the greatest competitions within mobile eSports gaming. The prize pool followed the trends of other lucrative competitions, with $750,000 reserved for teams with the best placement. 

Unfortunately for many fans and especially the competing teams, in the end, the organizers canceled the final event. The prize pool was split among seven qualifying regions, with each team getting an equal sum of $107,000. 

The (semi) mysterious announcement for 2021

On the 5th of April 2021, Activision, and more precisely their CoD YouTube and Twitter accounts, added a teaser for the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile World Championship. 

They briefly reflected on the legacy they made by far and asked if the competitors from around the world are ready for the upcoming battle. 

The mobile gaming scene is more vital than ever before

The eSports scene, especially the mobile one, is for sure on the bloom, and the number of players is rising regardless of the game genre. The competition is, however, stronger than ever, yet that doesn’t seem to bother guys from Call of Duty’s headquarters. 

The most popular mobile titles are undoubtedly PUBG, Mobile Legends, Valor and Garena Free Fire. Their viewership count is whopping at hundreds of millions per hour. 

Let’s just peek at the number of downloads – PUBG is leading with over a billion downloads. Call of Duty: Mobile still has a significantly lower figure at 300 million, yet those are all mind-blowing numbers anyways. 

So the scenario is obvious – if everything goes according to plan, we’ll see how Activision organizes one of the greatest mobile gaming competitions. Also, during the last year, we’ve seen some serious combats between teams from North and Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, as well as Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and the rest of Asia. 

However, the biggest eSports organizations are still picking up the pace with mobile gaming. As one of the pioneers, we have Team Vitality that signed an official CoD: Mobile team. Their complete formation is from Indiana, one of the most successful local regions in Call of Duty: Mobile. 

So we recommend keeping an eye on updates and announcements, as the scene is getting real serious right now. Also, if you’re about to wager some bucks on your favorite team, we recommend checking our beginners’ eSports betting guide

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