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After the dramatic 2021 Season, we’re about to see the final event in the series – Call of Duty Championship 2021. 

Eight teams with the highest number of CDL Points will participate in this event, where they will share a fantastic prize pool of $2,500,000. 

This championship is among the few live events in 2021, and we can’t wait to see players compete in a genuine, lag-free environment. 

Now let’s see quick tournament info, followed by our outright betting favorites, which we’re about to explain in detail: 

  • Total teams: 8
  • Date: 19th – 22nd August
  • Location: Galen Center, Los Angeles
  • Live watch: Call of Duty League
  • Outright favorites: Atlanta Faze
  • Participating teams: Atlanta Faze, Toronto Ultra, Dallas Empire, Chicago OpTic, New York Subliners, Minnesota ROKKR, Los Angeles Thieves, Florida Mutineers

2021 CDL Championship Format

As the tournament lasts for only a few days, this means we’ll see plenty of packed action out there. 

During these four days, teams will compete in double-elimination brackets and best of five matches, from start to finish. Unlike other similar competitions, where we often see the best of 1 or 3 in the first days, the action on CDL Championship will begin with an extensive series of 5 matches per duel – whether it’s an opener or the grand finals. 

Also, not all teams started from the same level. There are three different start categories, and they look like this: 

  • Atlanta Faze and Toronto Ultra are starting from the second round of the upper bracket, and they are in the best starting position.
  • Mutineers and LA Thieves are on the other end – they are starting from the lower bracket round 1.
  • The remaining four – OpTic Chicago, NY Subliners, Dallas Empire and Minnesota ROKKR start from the standard, upper bracket first round. 

This placement gives no room for error for Thieves and Mutineers. If they happen to lose the first match, this will be the end of the competition. On the other hand, Bo5 format matches will give enough room to fix the accidental mistakes. 

The guys from the upper bracket have enough room for error in this scenario. They won’t be directly disqualified after the loss, as the second chance will be waiting in the lower bracket. 

Live Watch

Live streaming of CDL Championship 2021 is prepared and scheduled on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel

Head over there to see the action for the following matches. You’ll see the Upcoming live stream sections where you’ll find scheduled videos divided by days. 

Betting predictions and outright favorites

Teams performing at the CDL Championship 2021 are certainly on top of their game. They proved their skills throughout the season, and now we’re about to see the final action.

Outright favorites – Atlanta FaZe

If you’ve seen at least some of the matches lately, you could tell that there’s no better team in 2021 than Atlanta FaZe.

They dominated the season with just a handful of lost maps. They won more than 525 CLD points and lost only seven out of 41 total played matches. Speaking of maps, they are a team with the least number of lost maps – they were defeated in only 53 maps for the duration of the entire season, which is an extraordinary achievement. 

However, FaZe occasionally showed some weaknesses in the ending phases of the season, and this might be their weak point. During the Stage 5 Major, they had two unexpected defeats – against ROKKR and Surge. In other words – Atlanta needs to show the same level of coordination and mechanical excellence if they want to beat Toronto Ultra, ROKKR, OpTic and Empire. Yet, as they managed to do well throughout the season, we believe it won’t be a problem to continue now.

Notable mention – Toronto Ultra

We’ve seen a major turnover throughout this season from Toronto Ultra. Now they are the second seed, with the highest number of played matches this season – a total of 46. Therefore, we certainly can tell they are the most experienced, at least for the year 2021. 

It seems like that replacing Methodz was the perfect move for Toronto’s team. Soon after the roster change, they pushed themselves from top-ten to top-three finishers. They also won the Stage 2 Major, giving them a great confidence boost and a significant $200,000 prize money. 

Also, together with FaZe, they are in an incredible starting position for this Championship. Their opponent is going to be a better of Dallas Empire vs. Minnesota ROKKR. This gives Ultra enough room to analyze the winning strategy as well as weak points of the winner of this match. 

Notable mention – Dallas Empire

Thanks to the fantastic plays of Vivid, Dallas Empire has a realistic chance of winning the first clash. He has shown no mercy in the previous encounters, especially Hardpoint KP10M and Control KP10M. 

Reece “Vivid” Drost is undoubtedly in the spotlight of this competition and perhaps capable of beating OpTic. However, once the first match is finished, we believe that one player isn’t enough to proceed further, especially when they meet Toronto Ultra or even Atlanta FaZe. 

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