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As the Dota 2 season is at its peak, both fans and players saw some serious action in the past few days. 

ESL One Summer 2021, as the final event for the European organizations, brought us new seeds for the international competitions. Yet before we check what exactly happened, let’s see how it all started.

ESL One Summer 2021 Overview

A total of 12 teams met in the online clash to test their skills and see if they could conquer the world’s scene. Nine teams were invited to this competition, and three more joined from the qualifiers. 

The format featured a double-elimination bracket, where teams with the most DPC points and qualifiers rankings ended up in the Upper Bracket. Those with a few points less found their starting position to be more challenging in the Lower Bracket. 

Besides Western and Eastern Europe, we also had teams from Southeast Asia and North America, making the ESL One Summer 2021 quite a compelling Dota 2 event. 

The games are played in best of three format, while Grand Finals will feature best of five series. 

The lucrative prize pool equals $400,000, and unlike similar events of this kind, on ESL One Summer 2021, teams won’t get any DPC points. 

ESL One Summer 2021 Recap

After an extensive week of clashes, T1 took the gold by beating Virtus.Pro in the Finals. In fact, this was the second time for T1 to meet during this event, as they have already lost once to in the semifinals. 

The duel in the semifinals was also tight, but Virtus.Pro secured a win with a 2 to 1 final map score. 

However, as the tournament was already coming towards the end, T1 had another opportunity to return to the Upper Bracket. They had to beat Alliance that was about to kick start their placement into the Upper Bracket Finals. 

This wasn’t a difficult job for perfectly coordinated T1, and they successfully returned to the Upper Bracket after beating Alliance with 2-0. 

T1 vs. Finals Recap

While the battle was quite balanced, T1 managed to fix the mistakes shown in the previous clash, leading to unstable but well-deserved gold. 

Game 1 

Game 1 started quite defensively, and the entire laning phase didn’t seem overly interesting for enthusiastic fans thirsty for some action. As the team fights began, showed their main weaknesses – they failed to develop during the mid-game, leading T1 into the significant gold and level advantage. The game ended in the 31st minute, with T1 as the absolute winner. 

Game 2

The second game started similarly to the first one, with a passive and defensive early game. This time, focused on rapid farm and growth so that the mid-game could give them an advantage. And so happened – this time showed outstanding team fight skills, completely outplaying T1. There were some actions and signs of strength from T1, but they lost in the 39th minute. 

Game 3

The third game started more aggressively from the’s side. They secured control over a laning phase, getting the essential lead for the rest of the duel. Virtus utilized this early game to ensure domination in early team fights and the entire mid-game. T1 had a few signs of life and a few tricks down their sleeves, yet they didn’t seem to work. The cheeky tactic was not enough to beat Virtus’ overpowered players. T1 lost this one in the 33rd minute. 

Game 4

The fourth game showed some severe advantages for and their well-trained early game. They were outperforming T1 due to a better early game matchup. However, that didn’t last long. Unlike the previous game, got a cold shower in the mid-game from T1, where they were impressively outplayed in the team fights. T1’s Kuku played a lead role here with Axe, as his Berserker’s Calls were perfectly timed – each time. Despite the early game advantage, lost this one in the 43rd minute. 

Game 5 

Now we started seeing some patterns, as started strong this one as well. However, T1 didn’t let gain a significant advantage, and thanks to the exceptional map maneuvers, they managed to even their powers. Kuku once more showed amazing skills, this time with Broodmother. Although he’s not a Broodmother expert, his play was indeed on the next level within this game. And in the end, team fights brought us champions over here, as T1 was certainly dominating in the head-to-head clashes. lost one more, letting T1 get the gold medal of ESL One Summer 2021. 

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