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During the weekend, we’ve seen the finals of the most prominent global Call of Duty tournament. After the series of intensive matches, the 2021 season has got their gold medalist – Atlanta FaZe. 

This is the first CoD World Championship gold medal for the organization from Atlanta, where they earned the lion’s share of $1.2 million. 

A few days ago, we introduced teams competing for the final event of Call of Duty League, claiming that FaZe is currently on top of their league. A few days later, the predictions came true – FaZe got the gold medal in a match versus Toronto Ultra. 

This didn’t come as a surprise whatsoever, as AbeZy, Simp, Arcitys, and Cellium showed extraordinary mechanical skills and top-notch cooperation throughout the entire 2021 Call of Duty League season. 

They lost only 7 out of 41 played matches, and a gold medal was somehow expected here. In addition to the Championship, they won three extremely challenging Major Tournaments as well. 

However, other teams, especially the finalists Toronto Ultra, showed some remarkable performance, so let’s check out what happened in the past few days. 

The second-placed MVP performance

On the second spot of Call of Duty League Championship we have Toronto Ultra – a team that was a candidate for the first spot. 

Like the FaZe, they also managed to win a Major Call of Duty Tournament as well, and as the season was ending, they became more powerful than before. This final match proved their performance, as the finals were everything but easy for FaZe. 

Ultra pushed hard from the very start, and for certain moments we thought that they have more than realistic chances of winning the Championship. 

As a highlight, we’ve seen the powerful ace by Cammy, which is undoubtedly the top action during this finals. 

If you haven’t seen the play that left FaZe speechless yet, check it out down there. 

However, this fantastic 4v1 ace wasn’t enough for Ultra to crush the overpowered FaZe. So right now, they will have to settle with a decent share of $650,000 and the silver medal for the Call of Duty League 2021. 

Dallas Empire as the third-placed disappointment 

Unlike Ultra, a team that started this year’s season relatively shaky, Dallas Empire had a pretty solid launch. They won the majority of their first matches, and experts predicted this might be their golden year. 

However, as the season was coming to an end, they started falling hard. The team that won the 2020 championship was nowhere near to the last year’s performance. 

They had to change their gameplay significantly if they wanted to secure success, and obviously, they failed. According to the last year’s MVP, Crimsix, they “basically gifted Ultra the SNDs by not playing together/with patience.” Yet he didn’t blame his team for the loss and pointed out his poor performance saying, “Felt like shit the whole day, played like dog ass to my standards. Fucking sucks to lose like that”. 

The rest of the big eight

During the CDL 2021, we’ve seen eight of the greatest Call of Duty teams of this season. Some teams walked boldly into the Championship, while others landed just on edge. 

Teams that barely entered the competition were Los Angeles Thieves and Florida Mutineers – they were eliminated without a single win in the Championship. 

They were followed by New York Subliners and OpTic Chicago – teams with one win each. 

NY was unlucky to meet Atlanta Faze in their second match in the upper bracket, where they lost with a score of 3 – 0. In the lower bracket, Subliners met RØKKR, losing with a slightly better score of 3 – 1. 

OpTic Chicago’s opponent in the upper bracket was NY Subliners, where Subliners won 3 – 2. The lower bracket was a bit more fortunate for OpTic, where they defeated Mutineers with 3 – 1, yet that didn’t last long, as Toronto Ultra defeated them in the next match. 

To sum it up – the tournament was highly entertaining and more than dynamic, yet placements were as expected. We could see each team’s limitations, opportunities, and capabilities throughout the season, and that’s exactly what they showed in the Championship. 

Now all that’s left is to wait for the 2022 season and the announced Call of Duty Vanguard. 

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