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ESL One Pro League and BLAST Premier Spring have passed behind us, the next CS:GO tournament worth watching is the rescheduled FunSpark ULTI 2020. And no, it’s not a typo. 

The event has kept 2020 in the title, as it was supposed to happen late last year in China. Yet, due to unfortunate events of the global pandemic, the event was rescheduled and moved to Europe.

FunSpark ULTI 2020 format and overview 

With a total of 8 competing teams, the FunSpark ULTI format is fairly simple. There won’t be a group stage, and the matches will play in double-elimination brackets throughout the entire competition. 

Also, matches are in the best of three formats, except for the finals, where we’ll see the best of five, with a one map advantage for the upper bracket team. 

The prize pool is pretty decent for an 8-teams competition – $250,000. Also, the finalist will get a placement on the FunSpark ULTI 2021, which’s offering a $300,000 prize in September. 

FunSpark ULTI 2020 betting and odds

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FunSpark ULTI 2020 first matches 

At the time of writing this, we’ve already seen the first matches from the Upper Bracket Quarterfinals. The scenario was mainly expected, with a few minor surprises and changes that happened along the way.

The first change was a swap between two teams. Unfortunately for Heroic, they weren’t able to compete in this event due to conflicting schedules. The team to replace Heroic was Dignitas. 

According to Evil Geniuses, the swap wasn’t that good, as they lost to Dignitas in both rounds. Not only they’ve lost, but Dignitas scored the perfect win in Vertigo by beating Geniuses with a 4-16 map score.

Dignitas shares an Upper Bracket Semi Finals spot with Extra Salt, a team that somehow managed to beat BIG with a 2-1 total map score. The battle was tight; however, ES showed dominance in Train and Nuke, while BIG scored a tight win in their favorite, Dust II. 

Another pair that passed towards the semifinals is forZe and Complexity. ForZe’s battle for this placement was probably the most dynamic one by far, where they met with the almighty The first map, Mirage, was a score for ForZe, yet the drama was there during the Overpass, where VP failed with a couple of extra rounds and a total score of 23-25. 

Complexity, on the other hand, took a solid win over HAVU Gaming with 16-5 in Mirage and 16-10 in Overpass, and we expect them to dominate throughout the rest of the event as well. 

FunSpark ULTI 2020 Prediction – Outright favorites 

During the ELS One Pro League, BLAST Premier Spring and IEM Katowice, we’ve seen surprising matches, yet in the end, the winners were somewhat expected. The same is predicted for the finale of FunSpark ULTI – there will certainly be matches to shock the crowd, yet teams with the biggest chances of winning this competition are Complexity and Dignitas. 

So let’s see how they are doing by far and why did we pick those two. 


Complexity was glad to know that their first opponent is HAVU, which could be seen from their performance in the semifinals. They are certainly favorites, yet we can’t say they’re in the peak form at this moment. 

They showed outstanding team skills during the ESL Pro League Season 13, where they eliminated NaVi and Unfortunately, they ended up their show soonly afterward, as they got beaten by NiP, finishing with 5th/6th spot in the end. 

Two key players to watch for here are poizon and blameF. Currently, they showed exceptional mechanics with poizon playing def with his AWP, which was also seen during their battle with HAVU.


The previously seen form of Dignitas isn’t as shiny, yet compared to the other teams, they certainly have high chances of placing into the finals, if not winning the finals of FunSpark ULTI 2020. 

During the ESL, we’ve seen the inspirational plays from HEAP and Lekr0, and all they need to do now is to merge into the more cooperative play, and as a result, they might see the gold. 

However, if they let two players carry the team, they might see a lethal battle, just like the one versus Team Spirit that took them down during the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown. 

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