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Mobile gaming fans had a second reason for celebration around the new year, as Riot Games released League of Legends for smartphones. The game’s full name is League of Legends: Wild Rift, and among similar games, this one is the closest you can get to LoL on a mobile. 

Now, a few months after release, we have another great news. League of Legends: Wild Rift is about to build the professional scene in Europe and the MENA region. The first step is already made. Sign-ups are officially open for the inaugural tournament, giving players the opportunity to rank throughout the series of matches. 

More precisely, players are able to register for the first phase from May 20 to June 1, and the qualifications will follow soon afterward. 

After the monthly tournament series in June, July and August, players will climb the ladders towards the main event scheduled for September this year. 

Get ready for the Origin Series

The Origin Series tournament could be the revolution in mobile gaming, with the potential to bring mobile gaming to the next level. There is a whole set of soon-to-be mobile eSports professionals that are about to be discovered. This opens up a new chapter for all parties, including players, developers and widely known eSports organizations. 

Hans Christian Duerr, head of Wild Rift in Europe and MENA also added: “League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series is set to bring mobile esports to the next level and shine a light on new talents yet to be discovered. We expect to see a fiery competition from our competitors across Europe, Turkey, the CIS and MENA over the coming months and anticipate a high level of sign-ups for this open tournament series, so make sure your team is registered in time for a chance to make mobile esports history.” 

League of Legends: Wild Rift Origin Series – Requirements and format

To join the tournament, players need to be 17 or older. Also, at least three team members need to have residency in Europe, CIS, Turkey, the Middle East or Noth Africa. 

The teams will compete in the monthly tournaments throughout three months of summer, in best-of-three double-elimination style matches. 

The finals are scheduled for September’s offline event, where the best teams will share the prize pool of €300,000.

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