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It’s almost time to officially bid the original Overwatch game farewell with the release of Overwatch 2.

Sadly, this will be the last Overwatch event as the game lost many players to other online shooters throughout past years.

Though Blizzard is throwing a farewell party with Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 3, there is no need to be depressed just yet.

The event has begun and will continue through August 30 on all platforms. This date is crucial because, after that point, Blizzard will stop selling loot boxes.

As you might already know, Overwatch 2 is neglecting loot boxes in favor of a battle pass. In the meanwhile, you can still earn loot boxes in Overwatch.

However, keep in mind that loot boxes will start to open automatically after September 14, 2022, after you log in, and all goods within will be added to your account.

But if you’re low on credits, you might consider opening your boxes as soon as possible. The Anniversary Remix: Vol. 3 has some of the updated facelifts of some iconic skins.

Anniversary Remix: Vol. 3 Lineup

Get ready for six remixed Legendary skins. You can spend 3,000 credits in the Hero Gallery for each of them.

However, if you’re lucky, you might also be able to find them in the final Anniversary loot boxes. Additionally, during the event, you will receive a free Anniversary loot box if you check in once.

Genjiman Genji

Genjiman Genji

Our favorite pick of all the skins might just be the Ganjiman Genji. If you were or still are a fan of Power Rangers or the Ultraman series, you’ll immediately spot the similarities.

This time, Genji sports red and yellow colors replacing his Sentai greens. This is how to customize your hero if you are a fan of over-the-top anime Gundams or other related themes.

Tagged Tracer

Tagged Tracer

If you liked Graffiti Tracer skin, you should definitely check out the remixed version. The anniversary Tagged Tracer sports similar vibes but has splashes of tags spread around her clothes.

Proteus: 76 Soldier

Proteus: 76 Soldier

The fans of Tron will rejoice as Cyborg 76 now sports a sleek neon-inspired battle outfit.

If you ever thought about what a futuristic Scorpio from Mortal Combat would like, we say this is the closest (minus the gun, obviously).

Varsity D.Va

Varsity D.Va

Fans of K-Pop and sororities can look forward to the D.Va Varsity rendition. She now wears a college dress, and her robot sports more neutral whites and reds to suit a more academic vibe.

Arctic Ops Baptiste

Arctic Ops Baptiste

As summer ends, Baptist looks like he’s on his way to go shoot some ice sickles. This time he sports white armor with turquoise highlights.

Mechatron Pharah

Mechatron Pharah

We would say that this year’s Pharah rendition is a mashup of Megatron and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This time, the hero wears dimmed purple armor and a menacing helmet that looks like it is ready to encounter any entity standing in her way.

The Last Hoorah for the OG Overwatch

Blizzard tried to make this Anniversary Remix extra special, given it will be the last for the original Overwatch series.

That’s why players will have one more chance to grab a few extra special skins along with the legendary skins we mentioned above.

The best part is that you’ll only need to play 27 games each week, including Arcade, Quick Play, and Competitive, to be able to unlock them. What’s more, wins count for double.

As each week ends, you’ll snag some of the following skins:

  • Week 1 (August 9-16): Comic Book Tracer skin
  • Week 2 (August 16-23): Marammat Symmetra skin
  • Week 3 (August 23-30): Kyogisha Hanzo skin

Of course, you’ll get the chance to have fun with seasonal events like:

  • Overwatch Archives Missions (along with difficult challenge missions)
  • Junkenstein’s Revenge (along with the challenge missions)
  • Freezethaw Elimination
  • Yeti Hunter
  • Mei’s Snowball Offensive
  • Snowball Deathmatch
  • Capture the Flag
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Lúcioball

It’s no secret that this Overwatch Anniversary Remix felt a bit melancholic. This is the final OG Overwatch event and the end of a special era.

However, if Blizzard continues to host Anniversary events like this and give us more legendary skins along with the upcoming mythical ones, there’s no doubt Overwatch 2 might be a hit.

The only drawback of the announced mythical skins is that they might be pricey.

Nevertheless, October 4 is nearing, and we can’t wait to test the new game and see how the original experience translates to the new game.

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