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Full Name: Ismailcan Dortkades
Also known as: XANTARESPEEK
Games: CS:GO
Current Team: Eternal Fire
Ex Team: BIG, Space Soldiers, HWA Gaming
Date of Birth: August 7, 1995
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Place of Birth: North Macedonia
Nationality: Turkish
Relationship Status/Partners: N/A


Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dortkades, a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Turkey of Macedonian ancestry, is presently playing for the Eternal Fire team. He was born on August 7 1995. 

How Did XANTARES Get Famous?

XANTARES began playing Counter-Strike during his freshman year of high school. He’d always loved video games, but he’d never considered pursuing a career in eSports until a friend mentioned massive competitions. After seeing how successful eSports had become and realizing that he could play video games as much as he wanted, he decided to pursue his ambition, and it paid off.

XANTARES has a beaming personality, which is why all of his present and previous teammates get along so well with him and say it’s a pleasure to play with him. For this young man, team chemistry is crucial, and it is one of the most significant factors to consider when deciding which team to join.

He appreciates the professional side of Counter-Strike. Travelling is a significant benefit for him because he’s always wanted to live the life of a pro athlete. He did not make it as a football player as he had hoped, but Counter-Strike was destined for him, and he is glad for it. 

XANTARES was able to win the hearts of many admirers in Germany, Turkey, Macedonia, and worldwide thanks to his charismatic personality. He seems set firmly on the road to becoming one of the most popular eSports players around.

XANTARES’s Debut in Eternal Fire

Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş, Bugra “Calyx” Arkin, and Ozgür “woxic” Eker will join the existing CS:GO group to replace three of its current players. Turkish players make up the entirety of the Eternal Fire CS:GO roster. The team will compete in Turkish events and seek to qualify for LAN tournaments in Europe.

Eternal Fire was formed in Turkey but transferred to the Netherlands in early 2021. For the past few years, the great majority of Turkish CS:GO talent has been dispersed around Europe. Before disbanding in late 2019, Space Soldiers was the last high-level squad formed entirely of Turkish players. In Turkey, CS:GO is quite popular. Thus, the country’s fans will welcome the competitive presence.

XANTARES Streaming 

Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş, a professional Counter-Strike player and one of the world’s most popular CS:GO streams, stepped forward on August 8 to formally announce his desire to transfer streaming platforms. It’s been more than a month since XANTARES was permanently banned from Twitch, where he had amassed a following of over 500,000 people. 

According to XANTARES, he never learned the specific reason for his removal from Twitch because the company simply labelled it a ‘community violation.’

XANTARES further disclosed that he did not receive any emails from Twitch informing him of the length of the ban or when he would be able to resume streaming on the network.

XANTARES Quits Twitch After Getting Banned

After obtaining a permanent ban on Twitch in June, XANTARES, one of the most popular CS:GO players and streamers, has revealed that he will now be streaming on another site. Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş, a former member of BIG, was banned from Twitch for the second time since April 2020 in June.

XANTARES and his fans were heartbroken by Twitch’s decision to ban him, as he had over 500,000 followers and an average of 10,000 viewers per show. The suspension occurred just days after he and his group BIG won $600,000 in a charity competition organized by Gamers Without Borders.

XANTARES tweeted, “I got banned from Twitch guys. I don’t know why but I deserve it. It’s not their fault, dude,” after receiving no explanation as to why or how long the ban would stick.

He was alerted a day later that the ban resulted from a community infraction and that he would be permanently barred from the platform. A breach of community guidelines isn’t very explicit because it could be a variety of things. Some CS:GO player fans speculated that the suspension was due to his toxicity after being insulted during a CS:GO battle, implying that he was banned for hostile behaviour.

XANTARES Wife/Girlfriend

Despite this, XANTARES has been tight-lipped about his partner and his relationship status to date. However, the internet is full of bogus controversies regarding his girlfriend and companion. Sadly, we haven’t been able to find any information about his girlfriend.

XANTARES’s Personal Info

The year 2020 was a watershed moment for XANTARES. He not only won his first S-Tier tournaments with his team, but he was also crowned HLTV#1 in the middle of the year. An improbable dream became a reality. BIG climbed to the top of the globe because of six tournament titles in eight months and outstanding team efforts.

XANTARES will seek his first solo accolades in 2021, in addition to more tournament victories. It’s also possible that he’ll end up in the top 30 of the HLTV Ranking. XANTARES is one of the most promising future players, and it is on its way to becoming a genuinely world-class player.


BIG has terminated its contract with Ismailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş. The Turkish CS:GO player’s exit came just two weeks after stepping down from the team’s active squad when Nicklas Gade was added during the summer player break.

However,  BIG has announced that he will continue his professional career in a full-Turkish lineup, confirming Gamerbase’s rumour that the former Cloud9 and mousesports AWPer zgür “woxic” Eker is poised to join a domestic superteam alongside BIG.

In an official statement, BIG CEO Daniel Finkler remarked, “We chose to fulfil XANTARES’ wish and break his still-active player contract prematurely.” “As a result, we would like to assist XANTARES in continuing his playing career with a Turkish team. We wish him the best of luck and success with his new team and would like to thank him on behalf of everyone at BIG for his accomplishments and victories. The same may be said for our wonderful Turkish community. Thank you so much for your unwavering support over the years.”

After signing a one-year extension in 2020, XANTARES was under contract with BIG for the remainder of 2021. The Turkish rifler joined the German team from Space Soldiers in December 2018. Last year, he helped them win several tournaments, including DreamHack Open Leipzig in January 2020, DreamHack Masters Spring Europe in June 2020, and DreamHack Open Summer Europe in August, where he was named MVP. According to HLTV’s statistics, he had an average rating of 1.13 throughout this time.

XANTARES Net Worth and Finances

In terms of prize money, XANTARES’ second-place finish at the 2017 World Electronic Sports Games, where they played against the Space Soldiers, remains the most profitable. 

XANTARES’ net worth and profits from a hundred and fourteen events total $331,762.48. XANTARES may also be found on Twitter, where he has over 60k followers under the handle @XANTAREScsgo. He earns between $400 and 750 dollars for each Tweet.

How Old is XANTARES?

Born August 7 1995, so at the moment of writing this article, XANTARES is 26 years old. 

Where Does XANTARES Live?

XANTARES currently resides in Germany. 


The height of XANTARES has yet to be represented and appear in the media. He does, however, appear to be standing at an above-average height.


What team is XANTARES on?

XANTARES is currently playing for team Eternal Fire. 

What is XANTARES resolution?

XANTARES resolution is 1024×768 with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Scaling mode is stretched with a 240 Hz monitor refresh rate. He uses a BENQ XL2540 monitor.  

What is XANTARES role?

XANTARES plays as an entry fragger (rifler).

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