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PUBG Betting Guide

In 2021 the world became enamored with the idea of battle royale and deathmatch competitions, thanks to the now-cult Netflix series Squid Game.

However, it took a while before battle royales became mainstream. You might have already been familiar with Fukasaku’s Battle Royale movie from 2000, which inspired many game developers.

Thus, it’s not surprising that we’ve seen such success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds since it launched in 2017. It amassed a huge player base worldwide and paved the way for other popular titles such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

That’s why many eSports betting sites receive thousands of PUBG betting requests. And if you are already a fan of battle royale games and like to throw in a few bucks from time to time to make your life more interesting, why not consider betting on PUBG matches?

Keep reading our PUBG betting guide to learn everything you need and feel like a Squid Game VIP sipping your drink behind your desktop while enjoying exhilarating PUBG matches.

Table of Contents

  1. Should I Bet Money on PUBG?
  2. How to Bet on PUBG
    1. Outright Winner Bet
    2. Match Winner Bet
    3. Map Winner Bet
    4. Most Kills Bet
    5. First Blood and Other In-Game PUBG Bets
    6. Top-3 Finish Bet
    7. Region of Winner Bet
  3. Tips for Making Better PUBG Bets
    1. Do Research for PUBG Betting
    2. Keep It Simple…
    3. …or Try Live Bets First
  4. Best PUBG Betting Sites
    1. GGbet
    2. Unikrn
    3. 1xBet
  5. PUBG Worlds Betting
  6. PUBG Betting VS Sports Betting

Should I Bet Money on PUBG?

As of 2022, PUBG launched its mobile version and reinstated its game philosophy as free-to-play.

That’s why the game is seeing its best days since its successful beginnings. The game is still perceived as a battle royale favorite of many players and commentators, falling only behind Fortnite.

PUBG is considered an adult survival battle royale in a realistic and mature environment compared to its competition, making it a perfect setting for bettors.

In fact, PUBG betting has become something to look forward to within the worldwide eSports community.

That’s why the variety of betting markets and scale of competition for live betting, in particular, is unparalleled.

No other battle royale game can come close to PUBG, especially today, when the platform became free to download that draws a whopping half a million players a month.

PUBG gambling had its big entry in 2021, with limited markets available across the board.

Thanks to half a million active accounts and an estimated $16,000,000 in total prize pool money in 2021, it is considered the blue ocean of betting where new punters can make significant daily profits.

However, the game’s popularity shouldn’t make you go wagering blindly to any match you might find available. It is essential to do your homework and research and read a  betting guide to prepare your ultimate PUBG betting strategy. Luckily, that’s what this page is, so let’s dive in!

How to Bet on PUBG

PUBG eSports, like traditional sports, have specific betting markets you can participate in with various types of bets.

The PUBG bets are related to the different game mods and match aspects. Some wagers include first blood, the most kills, or winner of the match. You can also decide whether to bet live, during the match, or before the match. There’s something for everyone that wants to spice up their PUBG betting sessions.

Here’s a shortlist of PUBG bet types and what to expect when wagering.

Outright Winner Bet

Outright winner bets focus on the tournament’s overall outcome. Depending on the event your bets are involved in, your wagers can range from the Gamescom PUBG Invitational to the PUBG World Championship.

Outright bets are straightforward. You’ll need to pick the team you believe will win the tournament.

There’s no limit. Simply choose crowd favorites or outsiders in the competition and hope for the best.

If you feel like you don’t have a team to root for or don’t know teams’ capabilities well, then consider other PUBG betting options. For example…

Match Winner Bet

Match winner bets mean you’ll be placing a bet on a specific team or a particular outcome but only for one match.

These types of bets can sometimes be an excellent compensation for outright winner bets. Instead of focusing on the tournament’s winner, you can organize and spread bets on a few matches you get a hunch for.

Map Winner Bet

Another type of match-winner bet is the so-called Map Winner wager. This means you’ll be betting on the team of your choice to be the last standing when fighting on a specific map.

Most Kills Bet

Most kills bets mean you’ll be wagering on a duo or squad with the highest number of kills in the game.

Since this number changes as the game progresses and can only be final at the very end, the most kills bet is considered the most exciting. It’s as simple as it can be–you place money on the team you think will have the most kills at the end of the match to win.

Of course, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the team you will be wagering on. What’s more interesting, the team with the most kills doesn’t even have to win the match.

First Blood and Other In-Game PUBG Betting Opportunities

First blood in PUBG, as you might know from other multiplayer games, refers to the first kill in the game.

This is one of the first bets you’ll know the outcome of, so combining it with another bet (such as the most kills) might be best.

However, the most volatile bets you can make are the in-game opportunities bets. Although these are tons of fun, they are mostly based on luck and chance. These will be generated as the match progresses, meaning you can bet who will be the first player to find loot, a vehicle, etc.

Top-3 Finish Bet

The top-3 finish bet might be the closest thing PUBG betting has to a reliable betting market. A team placing in the top-3 is much easier to calculate, thanks to data you’ve researched on a specific squad. This kind of PUBG bet will likely get you the biggest return on investment.

A similar wagering tactic is when betting on the top-3 finish on a particular map. Despite all the commotion on a map, if you know your team is good, it will probably make the top 3 on their favorite map.

Region of Winner Bet

The Region of Winner bet will allow you to pick an entire selection of players you think might be good candidates for claiming the title.

While the odds won’t be the highest possible, it’s still easier to score this bet compared to a standard outright winner bet.

PUBG Betting Guide
Credit: Krafton

Tips for Making Better PUBG Bets

Now that you know the types of PUBG bets you can make, take a look at our shortlist of how you can make every penny of your bet more valuable.

Do Research for PUBG Betting

One of the fastest ways to lose money is to bet based on the popularity of a team or its fandom instead of the team’s actual in-game skills. If a rising star or a likable team has taken over the map or won multiple matches against the champions, punters quickly wager on their odds as though in a fever.

However, make sure you follow all the PUBG news and collect all the information available about the active players before placing your bet.

Keep It Simple…

The betting combinations for PUBG are exciting, but that doesn’t mean you should bet all your money on every bet available. For example, you can bet on who will get to certain loot when it drops. Although it might seem fun, this is considered a risky bet.

At the same time, betting on the first kill is also hard to score. There are 64 blood-thirsty players with an equal chance to kill on a huge map.

…or Try Live Bets First

Perhaps you want to wager on these in-game opportunities when betting live and carefully observing the map for loot drops and other early game clashes.

When it comes to Battle Royale game philosophy, some punters advise you to try live betting instead of waiting for the match to end.

Live bets are a great way to ease yourself into the PUBG bet flow as it doesn’t require much knowledge of the advanced tactics, squads, or individual player profiles. However, don’t get carried away too much and focus on your research instead.

Best PUBG Betting Sites

Picking a proper and secure betting site is perhaps the most important tip we want to address individually.

Whenever you decide to stake on a PUBG match, it is of utmost importance to choose reliable and well-reviewed sites that ideally offer you great and trusty welcome bonuses.

The number one rule in the online betting community is to avoid getting scammed.

To get ahead and avoid questionable sites, we offer you some examples of well-reviewed sites that provide only the best eSports betting experience.


Welcome Bonus
100% Up To €100
Additional T&C Apply
4.8 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.

GGbet is an eSports-focused bookmaker and a genuine Mecca for eSports bettors. If you’re looking for any competitive game, including PUBG, you’re going to find it on GGbet. 

The site went online in August 2016 and has been a leader in the industry since then. To ensure the safety of its users, it acquired the Malta Gambling Authority license.

You’ll also enjoy an excellent welcome bonus to kickstart your bets if you sign up here and will have the chance to enjoy a wide range of PUBG events to wager on.

The GGbet site guarantees quick deposits and withdrawals with a seamless interface to ensure your live bets are processed instantly, making it one of the better PUBG gambling sites.

Thanks to its great eSports and traditional sports betting options, GGbet is one of the safest and most exciting online PUBG betting sites currently available.


Welcome Bonus
200% Up To $200
Additional T&C Apply
4.5 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.

Rahul Sood, the co-founder of VoodooPC, and Karl Flores founded this eSports betting site in 2014.

Today, Unikrn is perceived as a site with a long tradition backed by a number of celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher and American billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

Unikrn stands for one of the most innovative eSports betting platforms on the market. They will offer you a huge assortment of PUBG betting options and game markets.

The site also offers many banking options for withdrawals and deposits, including cryptocurrencies.

Its user interface works like a charm and protects its players thanks to the Isle of Man Gambling Commission license.

There are 44 game titles with a wide range of bets covered and an enticing welcome bonus of two matching deposit bonuses of up to 700 units you can collect here.

With eight years of experience and a pool of great reviews, the Unikrn eSports betting site is a great and reliable source for any player wanting to wager on PUBG matches.


Welcome Bonus
100% Up To €100
Additional T&C Apply
4.5 rating
18+ T&Cs apply.

1xBet is a well-known sports and eSports betting site that counts as one of the most popular PUBG gambling sites (and betting sites in general), with over 50 different currencies and over 100 deposit possibilities.

It was founded in 2007 by Russian entrepreneurs with headquarters in Cyprus and went online in 2014.

This is an excellent and safe place for PUBG betting enthusiasts, given it offers real-time betting regulated by the Curaçao eGaming License.

Although the site layout might seem confusing at first glance, the site welcomes new users with a 100% matching bonus up to 100 units when you create a new account there.

If you are looking for a site with many years of experience for sports and eSports bets, including PUBG, 1xBet is a great place to check in.

PUBG Worlds Betting

The PUBG pro scene is a well-established organization. This is mostly due to the PUBG Corporation putting a lot of effort and money into making its game more competitive.

As a result, North America (NPL), Europe (PEL), South Korea (PKL), Japan (PJS), China (PCL), Taipei (PML), Oceania (ESL), Latin America (LPPS), and Southeast Asia all have professional PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds leagues (SEA Championship).

Each league serves as an excellent testing ground for the region’s best battle royale players.

In other words, if you’re looking to get into PUBG betting, these are the competitions to keep an eye on.

These local leagues are a highway to their granddaddy: The PUBG Global Championship (PGL). This world championship brings the greatest teams and players from across the world together to compete for fame, glory, and a piece of the multi-million dollar prize pool.

There are numerous reasons to tune in to the PGL broadcast, especially when talented commentators and strong production standards are included.

Despite the hectic competition schedule, PUBG players still have time for international tournaments.

Companies like ESL, GLL, and FACEIT also have a history of putting on high-quality eSports championships.

Furthermore, many of them collaborate with the game’s developer to guarantee that their tournaments meet the high standards anticipated in major PUBG competitions.

If you’re looking to up your game of PUBG wagers, those are the places where you should do your homework to maximize your betting chances.

PUBG Betting VS Sports Betting

Both eSports and sports betting make use of online technology, and both have access to detailed statistics.

A thing to keep in mind is that eSports is more luck-based, especially PUBG. In contrast, sports betting involves planning and analysis because the better team or player usually wins the majority of the time.

In other words, in eSports, the win percentage is more volatile, whereas, in sports betting, the win rate is less unpredictable.

However, although some random factors are involved in PUBG, such as loot drops, sports betting is subject to erroneous human interactions, such as umpiring, injuries, weather conditions, etc.

Nevertheless, if you are familiar with sports betting and eSports, this can be a great ticket for PUBG betting and the excitement it generates every time a match or tournament comes.


As you can see for yourself, there are many factors to consider when it comes to PUBG online betting.

From types of bets to picking a reliable betting site, there’s no doubt you’ll need to do some research.

To make things easier for you, we suggest you look at these great betting sites and reviews suitable for both beginners and advanced PUBG punters.

PUBG betting is a great and fun place to use your wagers in many exciting and ever-changing ways.

You’ll enjoy live staking and all kinds of wacky bet options and participate in some of the most entertaining PUBG matches you can find in the eSports community.

Don’t waste your time and head to some of the PUBG gambling sites mentioned above to prevent other bettors from stealing this precious loot before you!
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