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Rainbow Six Betting Guide

Whether you’re an experienced bettor looking for expert advice or a novice punter learning how to wager on Rainbow Six – this guide will get you going. 

We’ll teach you everything you should know about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Betting. 

We’re going to start with choosing the best betting operator or Rainbow Six betting site. 

Then we’ll follow with practical tips and tricks that could improve your chances of winning. 

Also, for the very beginners, we prepared a short recap of Rainbow Six in the world of eSports. 

So let’s start

Where to bet on Rainbow Six?

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege may not have record-breaking prize pools like Dota 2, or League of Legends, so finding the proper betting site might be a challenging task. 

However, R6  still occupies a significant number of fans and bettors around the globe. 

So before we proceed any further, let’s see which are the best websites for Rainbow Six Siege betting. 

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How to pick the best Rainbow Six Siege betting sites?

Our final rankings and recommendations are based on numerous relevant factors, including: 

  • Trust and security
  • Games and matches covered
  • Available betting markets
  • User-friendliness
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Withdrawal and deposit options
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Free bets
  • Etc.

However, the final decision still depends on your personal preferences. For that reason, we encourage you to check out the steps below and make your ultimate choice. 

1. Carefully read through our reviews

Next to every betting operator listed above, you will find an in-depth review. Make sure to check that out for all the extra information you certainly need. 

The reviews are not focusing only on available eSports titles and matches but also on general information including security, bonuses, sign-up process and payment options. 

We guarantee that our reviews are up-to-date, fully transparent, honest and detailed. 

To make the best decision, don’t forget to read multiple reviews and cross-compare them. In the end, follow the link to the website and investigate it yourself. 

Hands-on experience will tell you if the bookmaker is matching your needs. Speaking of Rainbow Six Siege, you could see if the matches you’re willing to place a bet on are available. 

Also, once you click on a particular match, you’ll see different markets and betting options. As an experienced bettor, you should be looking for more intermediate markets, including map winners, handicap, or even the exact score. On the other hand, if you’re just getting started with eSports betting, you’ll be fine with basic two-way winner bets. 

2. Figure out what’s relevant for you

As a logical sequence to the previous step, now it’s time to figure out what works for you. 

Are you the type of person who only wants to place a bet on major championships and keep betting options simple? 

Or do you expect that a bookmaker can provide you with a handful of market options? 

Also, a bettor may prefer a specific payment method like PayPal or Neteller. In this case, you’ll be only looking for bookies with such options available. 

Another dominant factor for many is compatibility with mobile devices. As more and more people place their bets using smartphones, user-friendliness on small screens is of the utmost importance.

Either way, before you visit Rainbow Six Siege betting sites from the list, make it clear what are your deal-breakers, and what matters to you the most. 

3. Shortlist your candidates 

After you define the list of relevant factors, it’s time to make a personal top list. We’ve recommended numerous Rainbow Six Siege betting sites, and it is time to narrow down your choice. 

Start with the selection from the top, as we consider them to be the best matches for Rainbow Six betting. 

Besides the general advantages, they have a decent selection of matches and markets specialized for the game. 

4. Test multiple sites

After shortlisting your candidates, we don’t suggest picking a winner. Instead, you should test each site separately. 

Perhaps you’ve already read the reviews, compared them with your list of go-to features, and these sites happen to be the most suitable ones. 

However, don’t get us wrong. By testing, we don’t mean that you should sign up and deposit funds on every one of those. Instead of that, we recommend browsing through the website, exploring the overall functionality. 

This part is mainly connected with the user experience, but you will also see if the betting site has the options that you need. 

How to successfully bet on Rainbow Six Siege

At first glance, Rainbow Six betting may remind you of any other sports betting. 

Although this is mostly the case, as the technical part of betting overlaps, there are ways where you can improve your stakes for winning exclusively in this game. 

Let’s assume that you have the essential knowledge about Rainbow Six, and from there, we’ll guide you through the intermediate tips for successful, real money betting. 

Watch those Rainbow Six streams

If following professional players on Twitch and other streaming platforms isn’t something you do before placing a bet, it’s time to change that habit.

Besides having fun, following the pros might give you first-hand information about the upcoming tournaments, cups and matches. 

This can be seen from two points of view:

  1. Players are going to speak about the events they will participate at
  2. With detailed investigation, as an experienced Rainbow Six player and fan, you’ll be able to predict the outcome based on the performance pros show during practice 

Both of those are equally important, yet for the second one, you’ll need a sharp eye.

Also, a crucial tip is to act fast. As soon as you figure out any kind of “sensitive data” connected to match predictions, make sure to bet immediately. 

If you wait too much, other bettors might start doing the same, and the betting operators will eventually lower the odds. 

Join the community

There’s no better way of sharing information and predictions than joining the specific eSports community. 

Generally, the most popular one right now is Reddit, although the same thing may be found on Facebook groups or even live. 

Also, the great idea is to try looking out for a fan base in your city. If you’re actively playing a game, chances are you already met those people in-game. 

Don’t get threatened by Rainbow Six special bets 

There’s a rule in eSports betting that says the more you risk, the more you will win. 

Although it may not sound like the best choice, if you’re an advanced player, this for sure applies. 

The reason is low odds for match-winner options, as most players prefer to pick an essential betting market. 

We recommend testing your luck in Rainbow Six game-specific markets such as total rounds, a player with the most kills and correct match score. 

Unsurprisingly, chances of failing are greater, yet the goal lies in the potential profit. As the odds are enormous, the risk is worth it. 

Rainbow Six Siege Invitational betting

Six Invitational is the biggest Rainbow Six tournament organized by the game’s developer Ubisoft. As the major annual event, it attracts the majority of fans, bettors and bookmakers as well. 

Betting on Six Invitational is the grand opportunity for punters to showcase their match prediction skills and, in case they are on point, earn some decent bucks. 

What makes Six Invitational different is the number of betting markets and betting options provided by the bookmaker. Instead of the standard two-way winner bet, you’ll be able to wager your money on more exotic and risky bets. 

So our main betting advice for Six Invitational is to prepare well through local and regional matches and tournaments. Once you’re familiar with players and teams’ standings, you’ll know exactly where to stake during the final event. 

Rainbow Six Siege gameplay

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a part of Ubisoft’s franchise in the gaming industry for quite a while now. 

The story begins back in 1998 when the video game company released the first title in the series. It was Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six. The game developer released 14 Rainbow Six sequels afterward; thus, the presence on eSports events is not a coincidence. 

R6 Siege is a multi-platform online first-person shooter. Besides Windows, you can play it on Playstation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X/S.

Since the focus was on online gameplay, the game doesn’t have a full-sized campaign mode. Instead, you can play in so-called “situation” missions. 

Compared to a rival, Counter-Strike, R6 focuses on environmental destruction and cooperation inside the roster. 

Game modes include rescuing hostages, defusing a bomb, capturing points on a map and many more. Regardless of the modes, teams are either in the role of an attacker or a defender. 

Ubisoft initially released the game with 11 maps and 5 PVE and PVP options. Yet, with the addition of downloadable content throughout the years, we ended up with 20 playable maps in total. 

Rainbow Six Siege in the world of eSports

The first negotiations about R6 and its presence as an eSports hit started in 2013. Ubisoft saw the game in the competitive waters and started negotiating the placement with the Electronic Sports League. 

In the following years, the game developers focused on balancing the odds for winning, making it compatible with severe competitive play standards. 

The inspiration for different operators (classes) came from the leader in the industry – Dota 2. Although these two games belong to a completely different genre, Ubisoft could still take the general idea from Blizzard and apply it to Rainbow Six. 

The famous Intel Extreme Masters in 2016 hosted the first big Rainbow Six tournament.

However, the real success happened in 2020, where The Six Invitational 2020 had the highest prize pool in the history of this game. A total of 16 competing teams divided $3,000,000 in prize money, where the gold medal was bundled up with an incredible amount of one million dollars. 

Rainbow Six Siege awards and nominations

During the last six years, Ubisoft claimed numerous nominations and awards for Rainbow Six Siege. 

Mostly it was nominated for the best multiplayer game, best eSports title, or the shooter of the year. Speaking of events, Rainbow Six Siege was under the spotlight at The Game Awards, Gamescom, Gamers’ Choice Awards, Golden Joystick Awards, and many more. 

Rainbow Six made the first notable success in 2018, winning two awards. The first was from the Italian Video Game Awards and the following one was from the Australian Games Awards. 

That was the time when Rainbow Six Siege was named as the eSports title of the year in Australia.


Rainbow Six Siege didn’t amuse the entire world; however, the situation in specific regions might vary. 

On this page, you have the opportunity to boost your odds for winning as we present you with expert tips and tricks on Rainbow Six betting. 

Before you make the final decision, we recommend analyzing the entire story, just as we listed throughout this content.

Start with picking the right betting site matching your needs and expectations. By far, you should know what to look for, as we explained the primary factors in detail. 

Furthermore, technical betting knowledge will be meaningless without a proper betting strategy and game knowledge. 

In the end, we mentioned one not-so-popular option claiming that to earn money, you should risk a bit more than what’s expected. From our experience, this happens to be the best way to make a profit in betting. 

By following that pattern, you might lose once or twice, yet when you score the winning prediction, you’ll return the lost money and count the extras.

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