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According to numerous sources, Pokimane net worth ranges between US$1 and $2 million. However, there are also claims of the streamer’s net worth fetching upwards of US$3 million in 2022. However, if we consider the continuous growth of her subscribers, these numbers are sure to go even higher. The differing estimates make it impossible to determine the precise number. Regardless, during one of her streams, Anys stated that her net worth is nowhere near $2 million and joked that she “wished it was.” 

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On the other hand, while deducing how much Pokimane is worth is impossible, we can still understand how much the streamer earns from her numerous revenue streams. Here’s what we know about Pokimane’s earnings so far.

Pokimane net worth: Breaking down the details

The 24-year-old streamer was born in Morocco on May 14, 1996, and shortly after moved to Quebec, Canada, with her parents. Anys’ streaming origins date back to 2013. Since then, Pokimane has become one of the most prominent female stars on Twitch and coupled with her YouTube presence, Pokimane is globally popular today. She won two titles in 2022 – The Streamer Awards: Legacy Award and Canadian Game Awards: Best Streamer. Pokimane is a female streamer with the most followers on Twitch. 

As a result, Twitch streaming and YouTube videos comprise the bulk of the streamer’s earnings. A significant portion of Anys’ success had to do with her pursuing a full-time streaming career after dropping out of McMaster University, where she studied chemical engineering. So, how much precisely does Pokimane earn from Twitch and YouTube? Let’s take a closer look.

Pokimane earnings from Twitch

According to the streaming platform, Pokimane net worth continues to benefit from Anys’ increasing follower base. For example, the latest Twitch statistics indicate that the streamer has 7,39 million followers on the platform. Her streams bring in more than 12,600 average viewers, with individual streams attracting as many as 138,482 peak viewers.  

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Income sources for Twitch streamers include ad revenue, donations, and subscribers.

Considering that Anys conservatively averages close to 12,630 new subscribers every month and that she earns approximately $2.5 per subscriber, Pokimane earns close to $26,265 per month from Twitch and that she earns approximately US$3.5 per 1-tier subscriber (because she’s the platform’s top-tier partner), Pokimane earns somewhere between US$11,000 and US$22,000 per month from Twitch subscribers alone. The donations during live streams bring her more: each is $5, which results in about US$1-2,000, and the advertisements are estimated to earn her about US$8,000 monthly. In total, Pokimane’s Twitch salary is up to US$35,000 every month.

Playing One’s Cards Well

However, this conservative estimate implies the standard Affiliates and Twitch Partners pricing (70% of the total subscription fee). As in our previously mentioned Pokimane net worth example, standard pricing means that a streamer receives approximately US$3.50 for the standard US$4.99 tier. 

Yet, the streaming platform sometimes increases the amount popular streamers receive to motivate them to stay with Twitch. There have been examples of some streamers receiving upgrades to 60% and even 100% of the monthly subscription fee. 

In addition to earnings from subscribers and donations, Anys also rakes in a profit from numerous brand deals. Thanks to mentioning sponsors in her streams and other forms of content, Pokimane has also earned from brands such as Lineage 2, AzurLane, Geico, Epic Games, Hot Pocket, and more.

Pokimane earnings from YouTube

Pokimane net worth also benefits from the streamer’s YouTube channel popularity. Pokimane net worth also benefits from the streamer’s YouTube channel popularity. Anys owns five channels on this platform, with about eight million subscribers in total. She also used to have a channel where she posted ASMR videos, but it’s been gone since October 2022.

Here’s the list of her channels and number of subscribers:

  • Pokimane (her main channel) – 6,67 million subscribers
  • Imane (posts vlogs) – 261k subscribers
  • Pokimane Too (posts clips) – 568k subscribers
  • Pokimane VODS (stream vods) – 48.4 subscribers
  • poki ASMR (no videos on this one) – 771k subscribers
  • Offline TV – she doesn’t own this channel but takes part in creating the content, so she probably has a piece of the profit from the channel’s 3.06 million subscribers.

The streamer’s daily average views hover around 460,000, which results in close to US$2,300 daily profit. Across all her channels, she collected more than 10 million views. In other words, the ads that appear in her YouTube videos result in Pokimane making approximately US$30,000 a month.

After the platform takes its cut, YouTubers end up with a US$2-7 profit for every 1,000 monetized views. These views encompass between 40% and 80% of the total views, but several factors affect these stats.

Examples include the type of content, ad engagement, type of ad, the number of people who skip the ads, the number of advertisements in a video, ad inventory, viewer’s location, device playing the ad, and more. Regardless, it is evident that Pokimane remains one of the most popular and highest-earning full-time female streamers in the industry.

Pokimerch As Another Source of Income

It’s impossible to know how much exactly income she generates from this source. Pokimane owns her own platform where she sells merch – clothes and other accessories with her name or pictures on them. On pokimerch website, you can find hoodies, pants, shirts, mousepads, and other fun stuff that cost between US$24.99 and US$44.99.

Estimated Amount of Income

Around 55,000 people visit the site monthly, and only 2% of them buy something (it’s usually that percentage of online buyers). That would be 1,100 buyers a month.

Let’s say that every person picks one item pricing $44.99 (and some people probably buy more than one), that would mean 1,100×44.99 = $49,489.

Of course, Pokimane doesn’t take all of it: after all the expenses, she’s left with around $9,900 of merch money every month. It’s not a definite number, it’s just roughly calculated, but Poki definitely knows how to run a business!

Fame on Other Platforms

Imane Anys is quite famous on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, too. With 6.5 million followers and 85.7 million likes on her TikTok videos, there is more profit for sure.

Her Instagram account named “pokimanelol” counts 6.1 million followers, while Twitter has 4.2 million people who read her tweets regularly. Basically, on whichever platform you make an account, you’ll find Pokimane’s massively followed profiles.


To continue walking this path of fame for years, Pokimane needed a team to help her stay on track. She’s paying several video editors, a person to maintain her social media, a general and a business manager, a talent agent, and an investment expert. The team is paid around US$240,000 every year. This isn’t a vast number if we consider what she gets from the team in return.


So, how much money does Pokimane make? Let’s add up:

  • From Twitch: US$35,000
  • From YouTube: US$30,000
  • From Pokimerch: US$9,900

And these are not facts since we can’t know the exact numbers. Also, we didn’t include other platforms’ profits such as Instagram or TikTok. The numbers could be significantly higher.

So, what is Pokimane’s net worth? As for now, the average Pokimane salary is between US$66,000 and US$74,000 monthly. The highest-earning woman in the industry, indeed!

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