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If you’re interested in Valorant betting online and want to test your expertise by placing your first Valorant bet, we’re delighted to tell you that you’ve come to the correct place! This comprehensive guide to betting on Valorant will teach you the fundamentals and show you more sophisticated strategies. It will be a long voyage, so pour yourself some tea, settle in, and enjoy this Valorant betting guide!

What Is Valorant?

Valorant is a first-person shooter tactical game released in 2020 by Riot Games. Even though Valorant is relatively new on the eSports scene, it has grown in popularity, and a rising number of online bookies are now offering Valorant betting markets.

The game has been compared to Valve’s CS:GO since it follows a similar format, with five-player teams competing to either plant a bomb or delay the group attempting to place it. There are also striking parallels with Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch game. The game was nominated for Best eSports Game, Best Multiplayer, and Best Community Support at The Game Awards 2020 is a testament to its greatness.

Where Can I Bet On Valorant?

If you’re looking for a site to wager on Valorant, you have many possibilities. If you currently bet on sports online, you may have noticed that major bookmakers such as Betway and Bet365 now provide a wide choice of eSports betting possibilities. At sites like this, you can frequently uncover some Valorant betting options.

You may now place Valorant bets at an increasing number of eSports-specific online bookies. Unikrn and Melbet are two examples of online bookmakers specializing in eSports betting. Before you sign up for an account with any bookmaker, check out the worth of any welcome bonuses on offer.

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What Is Valorant Betting?

Betting on Valorant is similar to betting on other eSports like CS:GO, LoL, or Dota 2. You have a variety of options for the kind of Valorant bets that you can place, just as you do with all of the other games that have been a part of the eSports betting landscape for years. Next, we’ll look at the many bets you can make when participating in Valorous gaming.

Types Of Valorant Betting

The types of bets you can make on Valorant are pretty similar to those on other eSports like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Because the game is still relatively new, you can anticipate seeing adjustments and variations in the bet kinds available as the game gains traction in the eSports betting market. When looking through the accessible Valorant betting markets, below are some fundamental types of bets you might see.


Outright bets are simple wagers in which you try to predict which team will win a tournament or league in its entirety. This type of wager necessitates a thorough understanding of eSports teams, their recent form, and current capabilities.

Match Betting

This is yet another relatively simple sort of betting in which you try to guess which side will win a specific match. Again, it necessitates a thorough understanding of individuals’ strengths and how well they work together as a team.

In-Play Betting

While the number of markets available on Valorant is not as large as those available for other eSports like CS:GO or Dota 2, it is rapidly increasing. Live betting, also known as in-play betting, is one sort of betting Valorant may offer more frequently. This is where you bet on events occurring during a match while being played. It necessitates fast thinking, the capacity to evaluate likelihood quickly, and an acute sense of opportunity.

Correct Score

You must accurately predict the match’s score to win these bets. We have two correct score Valorant bets: map-based and match-based. You must adequately guess the outcome of a single map to receive a map-based accurate score (e.g., 13-9 for Sentinels on map 1). Correctly guessing the result of a given match is required for the match-based exact score (e.g., 2-1 for TSM). Correct score bets, on the whole, are tough to nail down correctly.

Total Maps/Rounds

One key distinction is that over/under bets on total maps/rounds are identical to accurate score bets. They don’t want you to predict the actual score; instead, they want you to guess the total number of maps/rounds in the match. The bookies offer you an approximate estimate based on recent results (and other stats), and it’s your responsibility to determine whether the total number of maps/rounds will be higher or lower than that number, hence the name “total maps/rounds over/under.”

Player With Most Kills/Assists

This Valorant real-money betting possibility is also simple. As you might guess, you choose the player who will have the most kills (or assists, depending on which bet you prefer) in the game. It’s a gamble, but if you thoroughly understand Valorant’s eSports environment, this particular bet might pay off handsomely!

Team to Win Both Pistol Rounds

In both halves, pistol rounds are the opening rounds. In a Valorant match, the first and 13th rounds are called “pistol rounds.” These are pivotal for both teams, as they will shape the next two rounds and dramatically affect the chances in favor of one team or another. That is why players devote so much time to perfecting them and why people enjoy betting on them!

How to Bet on Valorant Online

Here’s a quick walkthrough to help you understand the basics of placing Valorant bets:

  • Make sure you’re familiar with the game. If you don’t know how to play the game, you can’t expect to succeed in Valorant betting.
  • Locate a reputable Valorant betting site! You’ll get the best betting experience if you use a good bookie. If you’re serious about betting on Valorant, you’ll need it.
  • Create a user account! Make sure you’re using your actual name and email address when you validate your identification and email address.
  • Deposit into your betting account. Use your favorite online payment option, but don’t make a large initial investment.
  • Make a list of matches to gamble on. The eSports category usually has a lot of good betting opportunities. This, however, varies widely from one bookie to the next.
  • Make your choice! Don’t rely on your instincts. Consider your options and conduct an extensive study before investing your money in a dangerous Valorant betting slip.

If you’ve followed these six steps, all you have to do now is click on the gleaming “bet” button, and you’ll be all set.

Top Teams And Tournaments for Valorant Bets

Even though Valorant has only been on the eSports scene for a short time, several top teams have already emerged. If you’re a fan of eSports, you’re probably already aware of some of these names. When it comes to Valorant betting, here are three of the top clubs to watch.

G2 eSports

When it comes to Valorant, G2 eSports is recognized as one of the world’s best teams. In 2020, they were eliminated from the First Strike Europe tournament in the semi-finals, falling to the eventual champions, Team Heretics. With stars like Mixwell on their roster, they remain a team to watch when it comes to Valorant betting.

Team SoloMid

Despite not winning the event, Team SoloMid put forth a fantastic performance at the First Strike North America Grand Finals. They did, however, defeat strong teams FaZe and Envy during the competition before falling to 100 Thieves. Drone is one of their most valuable players.

100 Thieves

This is one of the more recent additions to the Valorant scene, having only been founded in early October 2020. Captain Hiko, who had already built a reputation as one of the best CSGO players in the world, led them into the First Strike North America event. After defeating teams like T1, Sentinels, and TSM, they were declared First Strike North America Champions.

Valorant Bets: Best Tournaments

The Valorant Ignition series is one of the greatest tournaments where the best Valorant teams compete. As the game’s popularity among eSports enthusiasts develops, many Valorant competitions are held throughout the world. Valorant events such as the KIT SC New Year Cup, The NSG x Invitational, the Easter Egg Valorant Invitational Season, and the Valorant FPSThailand Tournament will all be held in 2021.

How To Successfully Bet On Valorant

You should do a few things to put together an excellent Valorant betting strategy. As previously stated, betting on eSports is quite comparable to betting on more mainstream sports, so any previous sports betting expertise will come in helpful. Here are a few easy techniques to improve your odds of winning when betting at Valorant betting sites.

Play the game to get a better understanding of it.

The more you play Valorant, the more you’ll be able to predict how other players will behave in certain situations. When it comes to putting bets, this information is beneficial. It increases your chances of correctly predicting how particular game circumstances will play out.

Look up the most recent information on teams and tournaments.

Every successful sports bettor recognizes the necessity of staying up to date on all of their favorite sport’s current news and events. When it comes to Valorant betting, the same is true. Keep up with all of the latest results and news so you can utilize your knowledge to place winning Valorant bets.

Understand odds and bet types correctly.

If you want to be successful in Valorant betting, you’ll need to know everything there is to know about the game and a complete comprehension of the many types of bets and odds. Valorous Odds assists you in understanding the dangers involved, and understanding the many forms of bets allows you to exploit various kinds of knowledge successfully.

Place a range of smaller bets rather than one or two huge ones.

The crucial thing to keep in mind when it comes to Valorant betting is that it is designed to be enjoyable. Placing a succession of smaller wagers rather than just one or two huge ones is a fantastic approach to keep things interesting. This enhances your odds of enjoying the thrill of winning and reduces your chances of being disappointed and chasing losses, which can occur if you place only one huge wager and it loses.

Keep your cool and keep an eye on your bankroll

Bankroll management is another important skill for any successful online gambler, as any poker player will attest! You’ll be more likely to make the appropriate selections about stake levels and types of bets if you carefully check your expenditure.

Valorant Betting: Conclusion

Valorant betting is pretty comparable to other types of eSports betting, as you can see, despite the game’s recent birth. There are many Valorant teams on which you can wager, but if you want to be successful, you must follow the same criteria that apply to all sports betting (as partially outlined in this Valorant betting guide). Learn the game, keep track of the teams and players, and make sure you know all the different types of bets available. Then Valorant betting should provide you with some excellent entertainment!
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